Friday, November 21, 2008

Where have I been?

So I haven't posted in a long while. Sorry. Speaking of sorry, have you ever written in a journal or diary, "Dear Diary, sorry I haven't written in a while", as if the diary actually cares that you didn't right? :)

But actually, I've lately been working on a Beauty Blog,, where I review a lot of fun beauty products and basically just yak about MAC. I started it as a project for a class where we had to create a blog, and I decided to keep it going b/c it's fun and is something that interests me. The problem is I don't know much about promoting a blog, as you can see by the 5 visitors that visit this one! :) But I enjoy it, so feel free to visit, leave comments, etc! :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

So Far, So Glad

I've had a couple people (mind you, I'm using this term literally) say that Palin is an intelligent woman...well, I still have yet to see it, and as this broadcast from FOX news (Fox news, people!) says that she didn't even know that Africa was a continent, among MANY other foibles! All of this was "off the record", so they couldn't talk about it 'til now, but it's just super alarming still and I am breathing a HUGE sigh of relief! Well, don't listen to me, watch the vid for yourself:

I have a few comments about this, and I'm writing this quickly so we'll see if they come out right. First, it's kind of sad that campaign officials who were trying to make her vice president, hid these things from voters! I mean I know perhaps why, but at the same time, now they're like blaming her for losing the election and hating on her. That's really low to be saying this now that she lost. They like turned on her pretty much. I am not a Palin fan, but even I can see that that shows very little integrity of the people who backed her for the past couple months. Crazy. Why work on  a campaign if you aren't 110% behind the candidate?

I don't think McCain would've been the worst choice ever. Sure, he's a hot head and a lot misogynistic, but he'd still have been better than Bushie. But the running mate! For shame! She was crap. I'm so glad she gets to go back to Alaska! See you this summer, hun!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Totally Random Thoughts re: Election

Well, I don't need to sit here and gloat about Obama slaughtering McCain, as that is evident on every news site, blog and facebook status around. But, I am very grateful that I can once again be confident in America. I love winning. :) Of course my rejoicing was dampened when Prop 8 was passed. The good news is, there's always another chance, and as the older generations disappear, the hope will increase. Today, Trent, me and a friend visiting from out-of-state were eating in the Cougareat talking about this subject that is close to all of our hearts, and as we were discussing the situation, some kid sat down next to us and made some comments about Prop 8 that were really ambiguous, so we couldn't really tell if he was a "yes" or "no" man. Well, turns out that he is a BYU student that is a "no on prop 8" kind, and it was just awesome to talk to someone on campus who actually felt the same way as us. We had a great discussion and learned that much of his support for equal rights stems from having a gay family member. I was really encouraged talking to him, to know that the fight is not over yet. As with any great changes in history, they are hardly earned without a fight. 

Now on a somewhat related subject, I just read some Mormon Republican lady's blog, and the title was "How much are tickets to France?" because according to the entry, she wants to move away to France since Obama was elected. Which is really funny, because as my last entry indicates, the 'pubes are the ones that hated France just a couple years ago because they wouldn't do that whole Iraq War thing. So, what she's saying is, she, a pube, wants to go to France, a country that is way more liberal than the U.S. and is also like 10% Muslim (which is what they're all afraid of Obama being, right?), yet she thinks it's going to be better there? Oh My. I'm sure they'd welcome her with open arms, considering she probably participated in "boycott France" a couple years ago. Believe you me, France doesn't want American 'pubes any more than Vermont would. Love it.