Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ok so after posting I decided the smartest idea was to take our new feline friend to the vet and get him checked out ASAP, in case his leg was indicative of something worse to come. I figured they would have to amputate and that we'd basically just establish this at that appointment. However, the vet told us that what most likely is wrong with his leg is that it got nerve damage, maybe from running from another animal or getting stuck somewhere and having to pull on his leg. He said our kitty could still feel in a couple toes, and so hopefully in the next few weeks, the nerves will heal themselves. That would mean no amputation and our cat would have 4 fully-functioning legs! However, there is a chance that he won't regain the use, and then it would have to be taken off. But for now, no amputation needed! While there, we did get him tested for all sorts of Feline diseases like FIV and Feline Lukemia and AIDs, all of which turned up negative for our sweetie! And we got him de-wormed and treated for a sinus infection, so hopefully within the next 2 weeks we will also get him through his first series of vaccinations. I was surprised to learn he is probably 3-4 months old by now!! Because he's been out on his own, he probably hasn't got the nourishment that he needed so we need to fatten him up! :)

Anyways, with this new kitty in our lives, I am reminded of all the pets we had as children, and I realized that pretty much every one of them were strays: Kato, the crazy cat who followed my oldest sister to and from school in SLC; Maddie, our stray golden retriever my mom found at a Christmas tree lot; Kitten Man, who was maybe not a stray, but we picked him up from the DC Animal Shelter; Bad Thing, beautiful fat tabby who wandered in our yard in VA for a couple days until we adopted her into our home; Lapin, the world's largest grumpy rabbit who was in our yard in PA (and probably wild but somehow we got him into a cage); and Garey, a feral who was abandoned by his mother at just a couple weeks old.

And now, with times being difficult, there are more strays than ever, and the shelters are filled to the brim with animals being brought in. People are even leaving animals at the dump! If I could offer any advice to anyone looking to buy a pet, I would say adopt! There are so so so many great pets available, either through a shelter adoption site like, or through local classifieds. You can get pretty much any kind of cat or dog, large or small, siamese or long hair, etc. through these services- After all, 25% of animals in shelters are purebred! Most of them come with routinized vaccines and spay/neutring, some even come micro-chipped so if you lose your pal, he/she can be returned to you. So it's actually far cheaper to adopt, and you're giving a beautiful animal a life it may not have had if you didn't stop by. Just with all the animals waiting to be adopted, there's no reason to buy from a pet store, who often use mills to churn out the animals in filthy, dangerous environments, often resulting in health complications down the road. The more and more animals that are produced, the more and more strays we have. Thus, neutering/spaying is important, and it's also important to save the animals we already have instead of producing more and more. 

And if you find a stray, do anything you can to NOT take it to a shelter, because as I mentioned, there's really never room for them, especially now, and a perfectly good animal will be put down because of it. Our kitty is a good example of this, because they'd probably see the leg and think "no one wants this cat" and it would be on the top of the list for euthanasia. However, he is still so vital, loving and perfectly fine, given some time to heal. He is such a darling, how could he be put down? So if you can, find a responsible friend to take it, keep it yourself or even an animal sanctuary, though not ideal is better than a shelter.

And may I also mention don't declaw your cat? Declawing is like cutting off the tips of your fingers. It's intrusive, it's de-feline-ating (like demasculating but for cats) and this whole conquering of a species with us thinking we are superior and can just take its limbs to convenience us is gross. And what if it goes outside accidentally and can't defend itself? Eww, just read the article.

Ok enough of my animal rights rant, but I don't see anything unreasonable with treating the animals we have with respect. Next time, we will be talking about wild animals and farm animals! :) 

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Meow Meow!

Well, the semester is finally over! It seems like it just flew by! 

Anyways, so last night, we found a cute orange kitten in our garage- he just showed up somehow, we have no idea where it came from! We called all the neighbors and no one is aware of it, so we assume it's been dumped off by someone, as evidenced by a couple naps in his fur and his dead leg! It is like broken or something, just snapped in half, except that there's no evidence of an actual break, as in there's no bone sticking out, and he doesn't act like it's painful- in fact, he uses it as a crutch as he walks! It's starting to worry me though, because at first I thought he'd adapted fine to it, but now we think eventually it will wear through to the bone or start to decay or SOMETHING gross. I must admit I'm not very educated about these things, but we are taking it to the vet soon (we are leaving for holiday in like 2 days!) but in the meantime I'm kinda concerned.

It is the sweetest kitten though! It climbs up on us and licks our faces, and plays with my pony tail, and is fun to pack around b/c it's so light and agreeable! I love it already! We're trying to think of a good name, maybe like Gimpy? :)

See the leg, it's hard to get a photo of it in action, but it's totally dead.



Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Home Sickness?

Towards the Confluence, Yukon & Klondike Rivers, Dawson City

Overlooking Dawson

Not really, as I don't have a home, but what else to call it?

As most of you know, I have spent the past two summers living in Alaska -and part of last summer in the Yukon, but really there's little difference between the two (other than they are in different countries, lol) - both are vast, chilly and ill-populated (with humans at least). Even though I think I've enjoyed those summers, my memories of both of them seem overcast with a lot of stress - the first summer, I had packed up and moved 4,000 miles from one of the largest cities in the world (NYC), to the secluded town of Skagway with a population of 850- give or take. The second summer, I dealt with the new responsibility of not only driving a 45-foot-long motor coach, but also composing a convincing  and entertaining tour for the folks on board. Let's face it, driving and talking at the same time is not really a challenge for me, but learning all the new information and balancing the conflicts that sometimes arose along the way were tricky and certainly a bit stressful. 

At the end of both summers, I wasn't sad to say good bye to Skagway, or the Yukon. I confess, I'm a city girl at heart, and I love having all the stores and conveniences of populated life at my beck and call. I'm your typical, everyday instant gratification lover- I hate waiting for packages via snail mail- and yes, I'm probably a 7 or 8(1/2) on the materialist scale. The same old food also gets old, as do the lumpy beds- they're not quite like home. 

British Columbia, between Skagway, AK and Carcross, YT.

Well, the past couple of nights, I've dreamt of being in Alaska again. The first night, I dreamt of being on a barge, heading to Anchorage - don't know if it's possible, but so I was - and the scenery, though it was the dead of the dark winter- was gorgeous, absolutely breathtaking. Then, last night, I had a dream that Trent and I were starting the season early- once again in the middle of winter- and we were taking Vladimir Putin's family on a land tour. Yea, weird, why would we do that, when he could just swim over to Alaska himself (according to Palin at least). And the craziest thing about that dream, is even though I know nothing about Putin or what he looks like, he really does look like what I dreamt! I looked it up on wikipedia. Creepy!

It's not really weird for me to dream of being there, as I've had these dreams periodically since we left in September, but it is funny how my dreams portray the winter weather and all. 

Anyways, although I'm quite relieved that I don't have to start touring right now in the icy winter, I am starting to yearn for the place - something that occurred about the same time last year- there's just something fascinating about Alaska being all quiet and dark and cold. I've never been there in the winter (although you'd think it was winter sometimes in July!), yet I really desire it. I just picture our hole-in-the-wall rooms in the Westie and think of them being abandoned, the wind howling outside. I really just want to spend a winter there, doing absolutely nothing but watching television and looking for the Northern Lights - and maybe a little booze to get me through it- oh wait, it will never work out for me, will it? :)

I'm excited about going back this summer, and I feel like I appreciate Dawson City a little bit more. Even though it's really in the middle of nowhere, and they don't sell blue cheese anywhere in town (that's what happens to you when you start getting nostalgic), it's such a beautiful, peaceful place. The distance from the law and from the crowds is actually therapeutic in many ways.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Where have I been?

So I haven't posted in a long while. Sorry. Speaking of sorry, have you ever written in a journal or diary, "Dear Diary, sorry I haven't written in a while", as if the diary actually cares that you didn't right? :)

But actually, I've lately been working on a Beauty Blog,, where I review a lot of fun beauty products and basically just yak about MAC. I started it as a project for a class where we had to create a blog, and I decided to keep it going b/c it's fun and is something that interests me. The problem is I don't know much about promoting a blog, as you can see by the 5 visitors that visit this one! :) But I enjoy it, so feel free to visit, leave comments, etc! :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

So Far, So Glad

I've had a couple people (mind you, I'm using this term literally) say that Palin is an intelligent woman...well, I still have yet to see it, and as this broadcast from FOX news (Fox news, people!) says that she didn't even know that Africa was a continent, among MANY other foibles! All of this was "off the record", so they couldn't talk about it 'til now, but it's just super alarming still and I am breathing a HUGE sigh of relief! Well, don't listen to me, watch the vid for yourself:

I have a few comments about this, and I'm writing this quickly so we'll see if they come out right. First, it's kind of sad that campaign officials who were trying to make her vice president, hid these things from voters! I mean I know perhaps why, but at the same time, now they're like blaming her for losing the election and hating on her. That's really low to be saying this now that she lost. They like turned on her pretty much. I am not a Palin fan, but even I can see that that shows very little integrity of the people who backed her for the past couple months. Crazy. Why work on  a campaign if you aren't 110% behind the candidate?

I don't think McCain would've been the worst choice ever. Sure, he's a hot head and a lot misogynistic, but he'd still have been better than Bushie. But the running mate! For shame! She was crap. I'm so glad she gets to go back to Alaska! See you this summer, hun!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Totally Random Thoughts re: Election

Well, I don't need to sit here and gloat about Obama slaughtering McCain, as that is evident on every news site, blog and facebook status around. But, I am very grateful that I can once again be confident in America. I love winning. :) Of course my rejoicing was dampened when Prop 8 was passed. The good news is, there's always another chance, and as the older generations disappear, the hope will increase. Today, Trent, me and a friend visiting from out-of-state were eating in the Cougareat talking about this subject that is close to all of our hearts, and as we were discussing the situation, some kid sat down next to us and made some comments about Prop 8 that were really ambiguous, so we couldn't really tell if he was a "yes" or "no" man. Well, turns out that he is a BYU student that is a "no on prop 8" kind, and it was just awesome to talk to someone on campus who actually felt the same way as us. We had a great discussion and learned that much of his support for equal rights stems from having a gay family member. I was really encouraged talking to him, to know that the fight is not over yet. As with any great changes in history, they are hardly earned without a fight. 

Now on a somewhat related subject, I just read some Mormon Republican lady's blog, and the title was "How much are tickets to France?" because according to the entry, she wants to move away to France since Obama was elected. Which is really funny, because as my last entry indicates, the 'pubes are the ones that hated France just a couple years ago because they wouldn't do that whole Iraq War thing. So, what she's saying is, she, a pube, wants to go to France, a country that is way more liberal than the U.S. and is also like 10% Muslim (which is what they're all afraid of Obama being, right?), yet she thinks it's going to be better there? Oh My. I'm sure they'd welcome her with open arms, considering she probably participated in "boycott France" a couple years ago. Believe you me, France doesn't want American 'pubes any more than Vermont would. Love it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Election 2008: The World Weighs In

The Guardian (a UK post) recently published this survey of various countries throughout the world. If the people of these respective countries were to vote in OUR election, who would win? Well, the article tells you the answer, so go ahead and read it yourself. It's pretty interesting. The article continues on about how the information was collected, so you may want to consider that as well in respect of the findings.

However, I've seen a couple other similar surveys with pretty much the same findings, so it wasn't really the big question of WHO they'd vote for that surprised me, but some of the answers to other questions asked, such as:

How would you describe the actual relations between your country and the USA?

% of from each country reporting relations are positive:
Canada: 43%
France: 38%
Switzerland: 20%
Poland: 43%
Japan: 16%
Mexico: 23%
Great Britain: 49%

% of from each country reporting relations are neutral or tense: 
Canada: 43%
France: 64%
Switzerland: 73%
Poland: 53%
Japan: 81%
Mexico: 71%
Great Britain: 48% 


I first am surprised that Japan hates us so much! haha. I mean I always figured they loved Americans, which I think they DO like our pop culture, but maybe not so much our methods politically? Japanese people are smart folks! They go to school for like 20 hrs a day, 6 days a week! So listen up to them! :) Maybe they are mad about those nasty bombs we dropped...I would be too! They were unnecessary...I digress.

I am equally pleased that GB doesn't hate us terribly. In fact, I think they have one of the more positive outlooks on us, but still, consider that 49% favoring us isn't AMAZING either. 

Anyways, I hope we can take from this that we have some foreign relations to work on. This is one of the most important things for me in the next 4 years, because I truly believe we've been a little arrogant over the past few years. Example: As soon as the Iraq War was announced, there was quite a bit of backlash from the French. The citizens disagreed with our decision, and the government wanted no part in the war. Well, what did middle-Americans do? They started boycotting French goods, such as champagne, and called the French all sorts of sissy names, accusing them of being wooses, simply because they didn't want to get involved in the debacle that most Americans now feel was problematic. No offense, but the French have seen their fair share of the devastation war; WWII took part on their very own soil. I don't think it's a mistake to shy away from war if you've experienced it that closely. Surely we did too, but not as Europe did. Anyways, my point is, there is going to come a day in which we can't do this on our own anymore. We're going to be strapped, and desperate for the assistance of allies, but it may not arrive if we haven't taken care to secure good relations.

Just saying! 

Monday, October 20, 2008

Beauty Shop Robbery's A Drag

Read this story and then follow: Beauty Shop Robbery's A Drag

We all have weird families, but not everyone can say that the man in that article reminds them of their great-Oncle Hans. In 1999, when my grandmother passed away, Hans came calling, and as sad as he was about my grandma's passing, I think he might have been calling for more important reasons. He first noticed my ravishing older sister, Jenn, who at the time was only about 20, and took great interest in getting to know her (I'm sure she wasn't so interested, but ya never know!).

Hans then inquired about perhaps borrowing one of my grandma's wigs, since she obviously didn't need them anymore. My mom asked Hans why he wanted a wig, and he replied that he wanted to dress up as a woman to his favorite eating establishment, Chuck-O-Rama, because the last time he had gone there, the waitress wasn't so fond of him hitting on her, so he got banned from eating there period. He already had the dress from his long-ago-deceased wife, but evidently needed a hairpiece to complete the ensemble.

Well, he didn't get to borrow the wig, but I have no doubts that he managed to put something creative together for himself. Hans is definitely colorful, and there are many stories about his escapades, but very few match the cross-dressing-to-go-to-Chuck-o-Rama story...EXCEPT....

Last year, my Oncle Pete was in the grocery store, when he ran into one of Hans' daughters. Being that that side of my family is from Germany, the woman didn't speak very good English, but they stumbled through an update from each others' lives. Pete asked how Hans was doing, and she responded that he had died a few months ago. Well, of course, this offended half the family, as no one had been invited to the funeral or even notified that he'd died. So most of the family were convinced they would not talk to that part of the family ever again for not even giving the courtesy of telling us of Hans' death. Everyone was sad, and we thought fondly of the memory of Hans's cross-dressing extravaganza.

A few months go by, and one day, my Tante Rita (Oncle Pete's wife) gets a phone call, and on the other side of the phone is Hans. She's like "Hans? What the crap?" And he carries on for some time about something or other totally unrelated to anything, asking to borrow something or I dunno. haha. Well, she was no doubt tempted to ask him "Why aren't you dead?", but opted instead to call another one of his daughters and ask what the deal was. 

Apparently, the daughter who told Pete that Hans had died, was confused in the conversation and thought he meant someone entirely different who had indeed died.

Families rock. 

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Heat of the Moment

I just overheard a conversation between some STUDENTS AT BYU about Prop 8, and here's what one suggested: "We should make a state for all the gay people to go to and they can just be isolated there...blah blah blah...and then we should nuke it". 

Students at an institution of higher education for one, but people that believe in being Christ-like? Just another example of how people all too often lose sight of what their religion is even about. Instead of loving everyone (despite their imperfections), it's all about maintaining some rigid, insensible law of sterility.

I guess we forgot that the law once had an extermination order for Mormons and that didn't make any of our ancestors feel to good, to the point where we still cry about the mistreatment today. The fact that the students with this one laughed and agreed that this should occur is not even surprising at this school. 

AFTER-I-COOLED-DOWN-EDIT: I should just clarify that this is not aimed towards ALL BYU students, as I know that a good percentage of them would never make such a hurtful, pathetic statement. However, I do feel that this feeling is all-too prevalent at "The Lord's Institution", and that of all places, it should not be tolerated here. Conservativism (sp?) does not mean you have to be bigoted, right?

All said, I am still annoyed that that conversation even took place. Even if it was meant in jest, would you ever make a joke like that if you liked a group of people? If you said that about Asians, would you just turn around and say "it was a joke, I really like Asians"...No, why would you ever say that in the first place? 

BYU students need to be aware of who is listening, and how their ignorant statements can really hurt people. What if someone who had a family member that was gay, was listening? Or a gay person him/herself? We are at BYU but that doesn't mean people don't deal with this issue on  a daily basis.  

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Get out there and Shop!

So apparently, retail sales dropped 1.2% in September, which doesn't seem that much, but it's the biggest drop in 3 years! :( Now, I encourage everyone to go out there and do your economy some justice by going shopping! I cannot deny that I love to shop (as long as it doesn't involve Cabela's), and quite frankly would be pleased to help out our economy. Unfortunately there's this thing called Money, and I have none. This reminds me of when the government gave us money last spring to help the economy. It is no secret that I did indeed spend mine, but I have to wonder what good it did since here we are, worse-off than before. I'm not going to complain if the gov't wants to give me free money (after all they gave wall street $700billion, so that should mean I deserve at least $10,000), but I have to laugh that just like everyone predicted, that extra tax money didn't do anything. Except allow me to shop! 

Monday, October 13, 2008

Gay Rights

Ok so as long as I can remember, my conscience has always told me that gay people weren't quite as "evil" as people often make them out to be, and that they deserve equal rights. This has been pretty difficult to reconcile with my religion, one that believes that being gay is a sin. Over the years I have maintained that even though the church will never feel the way I do, I still feel that gay people should still have equal rights, since we our government does, after all, believe in this idea of "separation of church and state" - particularly if they are born this way (and a BYU professor recently held a symposium that proved this is mostly the case). 

The other night, I felt really overcome because I was thinking about how I never had any gay friends growing up, neither any close gay relatives, and even though now I have a few gay friends, they never influenced my opinion on the matter, but even still, I've always felt strongly about this issue. It's weird, why do I care so much? I believe that there is a reason why I am supposed to be an advocate for equal rights, just as I feel, if I had been born in any other era, I would have fought women's rights, black rights, etc. I don't know what my purpose is, but I know there is one, and if nothing else, I know I shouldn't be quiet about this issue. 

But going back to religion, now the LDS church (my church) is spending millions of tithe-payer dollars to fight gay marriage in California, even though really the only big difference between civil unions (which they're o.k. with according to their official site, and marriage, is the term "marriage". Now it may also be mentioned that the church's policy is generally not to get involved in politics ("we do not believe it just to mingle religious influence with civil government..." d&c 134:9) , and so I am like, well why now, why this matter? I may also add that in many countries like England, the government doesn't even deal with marriage, they just deal with civil unions, then you go to the temple and get your marriage (see so, the government civil union doesn't even affect the religious marriage. They are entirely different. 

Now, I must say this is hurtful, especially to see the church that I love so much, fight against another thing I am very passionate about. I cannot tell my conscience how to feel, and I doubt I would ever forgive myself if I tried to change my conscience. But, if I don't agree with the church's opinion, or if I say, fight against Prop 8, then I am participating in activities that are  against the church's teachings, which is wrong. But how can I not when the church is now going to make a name for itself in the world where if I talk to my friends that are gay, they will say "you belong to that church that wants me to be a second-class citizen, that I am not worthy of marriage because of how I was born". I mean, take a tiger and try to say it can't have stripes- impossible right? Well, one would reply, it's because he's born that way- well, gay people are born a way too, and just b/c it's not a part of your skin, doesn't mean it can be changed. Or tell a straight person they have to be gay- wouldn't work, I can't be gay, so why expect a gay person to be straight?

ANYWAYS, I just feel weird about the whole thing, but the one thing that has brought me a little comfort is knowing that I need to put my pride aside and say that God knows all things, he knows why this is happening, he knows it all. "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways" (Isaiah 55:8). For me to think that I could understand God's way, would be to say that I am on the same level of a God, and let's be honest, that would be straight up blasphemous. So, I don't know why this is happening, but I need to have faith that it will all work out. I haven't stopped hoping that Prop 8 will fail, but I couldn't do that even if I tried and lied to myself- because God would still know my thoughts. When I see all these celebrities contributing to the No on Prop 8 campaign, I feel excited deep down. I can't help it, and somehow I don't think God will blame me for wanting equal rights for all, especially on an issue about love. But, I concede that I cannot criticize my leaders, because they probably don't want to be in this tough spot either -they probably don't want to be criticized by others for these efforts, but it is for a purpose that I don't know.

I hope his makes sense.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I had a photo to attach, but it wouldn't load so all you get is text!

Is it just me or is it more challenging to log in to this blog program than it needs to be? I tried every password in the book (even my usual 123456789 - haha jk but you can try it on my email acct if you like!), and none of them are ever right! Anyways I think that's what prevents me from posting...not to mention wanting to talk about something OTHER than politics and school.

But on the subject of the latter, I have been kind of antsy lately to graduate and get grounded in a "stable" job. I have held a LOT of different jobs in my life: French Teacher, Farm Laborer (ok only for like 2 days in HS!), High-End Jewelry, Data Entry, Banking, Hotels, Rep for Mortgage Co., Retail, Driver (!)/Guide, Vending, Janitorial (!!!), Restaurants, Interactive Marketing, Public Relations- oh man, you name the field, I've probably done something in it. I've even worked for companies where I had no idea what they even did! 

And after all this, I'd like to hold the same job for at least a year, and not have to move. I'd like to make the money I made in Alaska this summer, without having to go to Alaska. Yet I know that with my husband's graduation looming shortly after my own, we will pick up and move somewhere before I can put much into a "stable" job.  So of course, I'm a little apprehensive about even bothering til we get him into an MBA program. Well, at least if the smart cookie does go to Business School as planned, we may end up in the 2nd love of my life, NYC! Where jobs are paid way better than here, even with the high price of living. 

ANYWAYS, you may be wondering why I'm moaning and complaining? Or is that all this is? :) Well, I realized today, that I'm not the only person who ever feels this way about their situation in life. I read someone else's blog today where they said they can't wait til so-and-so is done w/ such-and-such so that they can have a "'normal' life". I think we all are wishing so badly for that greener grass, for that next segment of our lives, that we fail to relax and enjoy today. Before we know it, all those times in our life are going to be distant memories, and we'll be complaining about the current imperfections with our situations. I don't think life or our places there in  will ever be perfect, and if it was, how boring would that be? 

So I'm deciding, right now, to appreciate the point I'm in right now: I'm going to my LAST semester of school, not working (for once!!), I have 4-day weekends (and 5 days off!), and I am financially suited, with a generous allowance for things I want each month. I know I will not enjoy this forever - in fact, I'm sure there's someone thinking, "just wait til you have kids" (2018 will be a memorable year for me), or "you will be working for the rest of your life, so enjoy it now" - well, since I know this isn't going to last forever, I AM going to enjoy it now. 

But I think everyone should enjoy their life now, and whatever path they've chosen for themselves, it won't be any good if each day isn't appreciated for what we have. 

Ok well, off my soap box and onto homework! :)

Friday, August 8, 2008


Working as a driver on the Klondike Highway, we go many miles between towns, thus without seeing signs of civilization. It's an amazing feeling, living in an area such as this one, so far removed from huge populations as most places we've lived. There's also however, a scary thought that accompanies this awe, a thought that, I believe, most locals have to accept: if anything goes wrong, there most likely will not be anyone to save you. This thought was drilled in pretty well this week when a road worker who had a heart attack in the middle of the Klondike Highway was discovered eventually by a traveler, who then attempted the task of resuscitation only to find the efforts were in vain; the man died. In the middle of nowhere. There was no one there to save him. As tragic as this was, I couldn't help but wonder if the people who accept these positions know that these kinds of situations are possibly around each and every corner. The closest town may be an hour away, but that does not mean they medical staff that can assist. Therefore, rescue may then be sent from 200 miles away. But by the time they reach the problem, it's most likely too late. Even an airplane cannot be dispatched quickly enough. So, I think it's interesting that in more populated areas of the world, people are so heavily reliant on doctors and hospitals- even just the thought of knowing there is a hospital within a few miles provides much needed comfort. But in the Yukon, you don't have time to get to a doctor or hope that someone will find you and save you. If you don't try and save yourself, there's little chance that anyone else will help you any better. It is this acceptance one living here must have, that nature is larger than us. We must surrender to this fact, and realize that although we are powerful, there is none more powerful than Mother Nature. She does not care that you just spent your life savings on this trip to Alaska and the Yukon - it will rain anyways. If you are hiking the Chilkoot Pass, she will not stop the snow from falling in mid-June. Accepting that there's no conquering her is really all we can do in life, particularly for those living in harsh climates of the world. 

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Falling in Love with Music...Again

All thanks to Skull Candy headphones. They make even Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus sound good! I am in love! Oh and in love with my husband for the early birthday gift! 

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ok it's been forever and a day since I last posted, but that's what happens when you're driving a bus 60 hrs a week and live in the middle of nowhere, a place where the internet is hardly available. But here I am, 2 months into, a.k.a. half-way through this hectic summer. And somehow, not quite half way towards my financial goal! But I'm having fun, an adventure to say the least. I want to post some photos of my journeys, but before I do that, allow me to explain where I am and what I'm doing.

I work for Holland America Line, but for their Cruise Tours portion. This means, instead of a 14-day cruise, people opt to explore the interior of Alaska/Yukon via motorcoach for 10 days and then a 3 or 4 day cruise. I drive the route between Skagway, AK and Dawson, YT - about 500 miles. Well, here's a map so you can see- Skagway is down south, I drive to Carcross, pick up passengers, take them to Whitehorse. Then the next day I take them from Whitehorse to Dawson. When I get to Dawson, I usually drive a tour the next day in Tombstone Territorial Park which is on the Dempster Hwy (the road to the Arctic Circle), and pretty much the scariest road I've ever driven on before. Picture an 18-wheeler going  50 mph coming straight at you on a 1.5 lane road. One driver's windshield got hit by a golf ball size rock, and it ended up in his lap, along with a bunch of glass. Come to think of it, I think I almost died today while there. A story for another day.

Ok I'll tell it now. I came around a curb and saw 2 18-wheelers heading my way. The first saw me and clearly tried to slow down, as did I, but it was too close and I just felt the hairs stand up on the back of my neck as this truck whizzed past me, shaking my coach. The mirrors were maybe 2 inches apart, and the guide on my bus almost peed her pants. She spent the next 10 minutes praising me for a job well done, but what she really was meant was "thank you god for sparing us". Somehow no one else noticed! Oh well... 

In essence, I am very far north, in the middle of nowhere. The Yukon is the size of California with 1% of Cali's population. It's a weird place and I always trip out when I think about how desolate, yet how interesting this land is. 

Ok, enough yakking, I will try to load photos within the next day. The one above is just a gratuitous shot of Trent being molested by stuffed toys. 

Saturday, May 10, 2008

yoo hoo!

so i am in alaska/yukon territory for the summer. it's super exciting, and there's so much going on up here! i have worked 12 hr days since wednesday. yea. also internet is totally at a premium up here, so i can't blog as freely as i would like. so i might have to take a semi-hiatus for the summer, but i will try to check in as often as possible! 

Thursday, April 24, 2008


According to this article, some Brazilian priest went missing after trying to break the record for flying with the most helium balloons! This is all that's left of his effort! He's MIA, folks! He is thought to have floated 30 miles off course or something. Well, read the article, it gives more accurate details than me! Seriously, this is so sad! He looks so happy in the other photos as he's being lifted off! Now, why would someone do something this idiotic in the first place? Beats me! But am I the only one who feels a little bad looking at that photo? Bad, because you're half laughing half crying at this image? Yes, I feel bad that I laughed a little. 

PS- Here are some of my favorite comments from The Daily Mail's readers: 

Well what a stupid thing to do, of course he's lost! No way of steering balloons is there!
- Anon, East Sussex

So this is how the Ascension was accomplished. I must admit it was always a mystery to me.
- Thomas, Saltdean

What I am bothered about is the innocent seabirds and other marine life who will die a horrible death after eating the deflated balloons when they fall into the sea. Many, many animals, including dolphins, die each year due to balloons being released and them drifting over the sea- the deflated or burst balloons are often found in their stomachs during autopsy. All this to amuse one man and for him to feel macho.
- David, Newcastle

Catholic priests are not allowed to carry out stunts like this. Perhaps he will go to hell for this suicide attempt. He is clearly deranged.
- Aran, London

Monday, April 21, 2008

"Abortion Girl"'s Little Project is Banned!

"Yale University officials say they will not allow Abortion Girl to show her senior 'art' project at its scheduled opening on Tuesday unless she admits in writing that she's a fake.

School of Art Dean Robert Storr said, "Yale does not encourage or condone projects that would involve unknown health risks to the student. Nor does it believe that open discourse and inquiry can exist in an educational and creative community when an individual exercises these rights but evades full intellectual accountability for the strong response he or she may provoke.”

Abortion Girl has not responded to the University's latest 'ban' statement.

As of Friday, she was claiming that nothing was faked — she DID artificially impregnate herself and induce abortions.

Abortion Girl said last week that if the University refuses to exhibit her piece, she'll show it elsewhere.

Yale also announced that two faculty members have been disciplined for allowing Abortion Girl to move forward with her project."

THANK GOODNESS!! She's an idiot. Oh and there's a vid of her on you tube that makes her look even more of an idiot. just thought you might like to know. : )

Thursday, April 17, 2008

So Disturbing...

According to the Yale Daily News , this freak of an art major named Aliza Shvarts' idea of a senior art project was to artificially inseminate herself and then use herbal "abortifaciant" medications to induce miscarriages. She allegedly did this for a period of 9 months, recording these abortions, and will be displaying not only the videos of the miscarriages, but the blood will be displayed as well. Am I the only one who gets chills even reading about this? So wrong and evil!

However, the plot thickens, as THIS article from calls the entire scheme a hoax, claiming this girl is pulling the wool over the eyes of not only the public, her school's newspaper, but her professors as well! The author insists that miscarriages are not only physically painful, but emotionally painful, and the "abortifaciants" that she is using are extremely detrimental to a woman's health, especially considering she did not once consult a doctor. First, I really hope that this really is a hoax, because to repeatedly kill feti (fetuses?) for some stupid art project is not only disgusting, but completely degenerative. I am no right winger, but this is unacceptable behavior from anyone. I don't know how you could be proud and totally desensitized to even make up a project like this. Whether it is fake or real, it's so so sick.

Moreover, it's really sad that students have to resort to this kind of sensationalism to get their name out there. She's probably hoping that she will be canonized for this stunt, and sadly, she probably will be. There's so much competition in these schools for students to stand out that she has to scream "freak" like this.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In addition to liking to hear myself write, I have created the Utah Fashion Blog for those Utahns or otherwise-challenged folks to get a look into the outside world. Now, I can't really say I am the expert at fashion (I mean look at the socks I wear- white cherry socks with loafers? ), but I do think Utahns need some help some of the time in this department, and somehow I think I am able to do so. Again, I don't know how qualified I am for the job, but I'd like to believe that I nonetheless offer some pretty useful tips on occasion. So go ahead and check it out HERE and don't be shy, please comment on things. Oh and hey, anonymous guy, I don't think I've disabled anon comments on that blog, so go ahead and leave all the creepy comments you'd like! 

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Aunt Abby

I am officially an aunt! Of what I don't know. Well I believe it is a girl. But I don't even know its name! The mother is sleeping right now, I will just call it Doreen.

Seriously though, this feeling for this little thing is about as close as I will ever be to having my own child, which I will probably never do (never=5 years). It is just melting my heart away! There is something quite spell-binding about this little tyke! I love it! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Am I the only one...

...who thinks this blogspot isn't very user friendly? I think it so confusing! How do I make a cute customized blog? I can't even figure out how to post other blog links on the side! I must be computer illiterate. 

Monday, April 7, 2008

To Whistler, American

You also, our first great
Had tried all ways;
Tested and pried and worked in many fashions,
And this much gives me heart to play the game.

Here is a part that's slight, and part gone wrong,
And much of little moment, and some few
Perfect as Durer!
"In the Studio" and these two portraits, if I had my choice!
And then these sketches in the mood of Greece?

You had your sketches, your uncertainties,
And this is good to know- for us, I mean,
Who bear the brunt of our America
And try to wrench her impulse into art.

You were not always sure, not always set
To hiding night or tuning "symphonies";
Had not one style from birth, but tried and pried
And stretched and tampered with the media.

You and Abe Lincoln from that mass of dolts
Show us there's chance at least of winning through.

E. Pound, 1912


So this weekend in Moab, we got to go rock climbing. I am a pro when it comes to the local indoor gym but I have to admit, this was my first time ever climbing outdoors. We chose a cool spot where top roping was possible (no lead climbing because even though i'm certified it still scares the crap out of me! top roping for life!), and we started climbing. The slickrock makes things a little more challenging because there is practically nothing to grab on to. But those few holds are miracles! They're so amazing! And when you get to the top, nothing feels better, even though looking down can be scary! 

Anyways I've just realized how fulfilling my life is right now. I didn't grow up in a very outdoorsy family, or shall I say it never went far beyond bikes and english style horse riding (which i love, don't get me wrong!). But we didn't often camp and get dirty like my granola husband has gotten me to do. Again, I will say that I feel I had a lot of great opportunities in my childhood, but now I'm getting even more opportunities and it's really quite rewarding. It's weird how when I was single, I didn't ever want to get married because if I did, my life would be over. But lucky me, I got into the right marriage, because it feels like my life has just begun! And, as sad as it is true, I love The North Face! I'm such a hottie in my jackets, what can I say? I even have tent slippers to match. 

I'm just really enjoying being introduced to these new opportunities. Without divulging too much information, I think I know a little more about the world than my generally naive disposition allows people to believe. But I find solace in the bright outlook ahead. Yea yea I know I'm corny. But yea, climbing is wonderful. 

Support the GLBTS community!

For the slow minded, i mean Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender and Straight community! I figure, why let the GLBT have all the fun? We should all be members of the same community, one that doesn't care what you do in your bedroom, just that you are an equal human being!

Recently there has been this "pregnant man" in the news. I don't think there is a single person in this world who can look at that as normal, completely unsurprised by that image. However, once I took a good look at their lives, and the struggles they have been through to have that child, my heart was softened. I immediately began to worry about the safety of this couple. I can't imagine the horrible insults and persecution they will receive, and the fact that six doctors refused to treat this human being in need of medical care. There is also a baby that needs medical care, one whose life could depend on that care. Yet they refused to treat the man because it was something no one had seen before.

I don't know the situation of this couple, I don't feel it's my place or anyone else's to judge. But I do realize that this poor human being will go the rest of his life being ostracized, rejected and discriminated against simply because he is who he is.

In this culture where emulating Christ is our belief, we don't always do a good job. I recall when a group for gay advocacy came to BYU a couple years ago, they were received with biting comments and name-calling. People fought and debated with them, telling them they were sinners and horrible people. Your religion doesn't have to accept gays as doctrine, but it should be the first place these people can run for comfort and support. Christ would have loved them, even if they were engaged in a sexually active relationship. He would not stone them, he would not reject them. They would be loved unconditionally.

A relative of mine has recently converted from mormonism to another religion. Initially, the family had a hard time accepting this. The thing is, they asked, how can we be a family when he/she won't be there in the eternity? Parents confront this reality all the time. A child does not live consistently with the general beliefs of the family. What becomes of them then? Frankly, I don't think a single one of us has the power or right to say they won't be there with us in the eternities. We don't know what God knows about these situations. So stop worrying to death about it and start loving others! Stop excluding one another. Join together as one community.

I only raise this topic because there has never been a day in my life where I could truly reconcile myself with the idea that gay people were not equal to straight people. I still can't live with the thoughts of people being persecuted and abused simply because of their sexual orientation. 

Blog Change

You're all more than welcome to check out the creepy comment I got from "anonymous" - an insensible rant that basically only reinforced my belief in crazy people. However, from now on you need to be registered to comment. Ya'll already are so it makes no difference really, except that if you were "anonymous" you will now need to stop hiding behind your computer and confront this 22 yr old girl of whom you are scared shizless. And believe me, I'm happy to confront you. 

Friday, March 28, 2008

Poop Attacks

Why is it that every time someone in a public restroom gets a poop attack and you walk in on them, they just sit in the stall for a half hour? Like today, I walk into a two-stall restroom to change. The chick next to me just sat there silently, not even shuffling a foot, the whole ten minutes while I was changing. I actually thought she had left but when I looked down there were feet in the stall still. Why? Either let it out, or leave and come back when the coast is clear. It's not like I don't know what you're up to! And anyways, everyone gets poop attacks! Speaking of which...

UPDATE: My own poop went fabulously. I however experienced another one of those stall lurkers today. I was in the bathroom at school doing my make up because I ran out of the house today, and this girl kept thinking I was going to leave soon so she just stayed in the stall. Sadly, I wasn't going anywhere, and neither was she! So anyways, I realized this is a big problem. People don't know how to poop gracefully in public. So here are some tips if you're one of those awkward lurkers.

1) Scope out the obscure bathrooms. There are bathrooms that people use less than others. These also include disability restrooms. Yes, it usually says on the door not to use it if you don't have a disability, but as far as I'm concerned, a poop attack is definitely a disability. 

2) Don't go at rush hour. I know it's hard to tell your poop attacks when to and not to come (otherwise you'd wait til you got home!) but if you can hold it until people are in class or lunch time is over, you're less likely to get trapped. Or, if it is really busy, that's a good time to go. When the bathroom is noisy with flushing and water running, hurry and duke it out and get out. No one will know who it was.

3) Poop really fast. 

4) Everybody Poops. I am waiting for the day when someone takes a huge, loud, smelly dump and saunters unabashedly out of the stall in front of everyone. I can't wait to see that. People are so embarrassed about something that we all do! Why isn't pee embarrassing? It may not be quite as strong smelling, but it is still waste! Anyways I think poop etiquette needs to change. We need to come to a universal understanding that since people poop in public restrooms already, it won't be a big deal to just admit it. 

The End

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

You are what you eat, smoke, drink, inhale, inject...uh..

So, here am I, totally supposed to be working on one of my bazillion term papers, and instead I'm writing a blog. Whoops. I've also decided I should probably stop sitting in the hallways, because apparently everyone thinks I am the guest information booth. No, I don't know where the Luau is, nor do I know where the 15034350th ward activity is being held. But I do know that the topic of today's blog is one that myself, along with others, have been confused over for the past few days. I know that I love to rant about the "injustices" of the world, but honestly, if anyone has the answer to these issues, by all means, let me know.

So if you were to pick any Mormon at random, and asked them what the Word of Wisdom entails, this is most likely what they'd say:

-No tobacco
-No alcohol
-No coffee or tea
-No drugs

Am I right in suggesting that is how people interpret the WoW? 

But wait a second, if you look a little closer at D&C 89, a dietary guideline "adapted to the capacity of the weak" (89:3), you will see it is not as clear cut as the above list. 

First, while it does prohibit the consumption of tobacco, strong drinks (coffee and tea, and anything else harmful, it does not completely exclude alcohol. In vv. 5-6, wine is actually permitted for the sacrament.

Furthermore, the chapter also discusses in great length the avoidance of meat (or the use thereof sparingly), and the prescription of fruits and vegetables. It also rambles about certain grains and their proper use, such as "barley...for mild drinks". Yea, I don't know any mild drink made out of barley...maybe O'Douls?

ANYWAYS, okay so if we're supposed to eat healthily, that is, eat meat sparingly, but chow down freely on fruits and veggies, why doesn't anyone ever enforce it? Why is it that some one who drinks loses their temple recommend, but someone who is morbidly obese is apparently totally worthy? Granted, no one is perfect, everyone will make unhealthy choices, but why is one more serious than the other?

My belief is that the emphasis placed on specific spots of the WoW are culturally motivated. Even after the revelation of the WoW, alcohol was being consumed by the great leaders of the church. A common misconception is that as soon as D&C 89 was received, all these things were tossed out. However, even my husband's ancestors who lived in Nauvoo owned and operated a pub long after the revelation. 

People didn't lose their temple recommends for smokin a little weed now and then. Okay I might be exaggerating a bit there but once I did read a quote from Brigham Young about cultivating marijuana. I will give $100 to whoever can find it.

I digress...essentially I think it a tad unusual that someone who has an addiction to food (an addiction every bit as deadly and detrimental as any drug on the market), can totally be praised, but someone who tips one back every now and again is a total sinner. But the way society reacts to obesity is the acknowledgment that they're "still a good person". They have an addiction. But someone who is an alcoholic is "horrible". Certainly the symptoms are different. An alcoholic is a little erratic, loud, rambuctious, while someone who is overeating is slowly, quietly killing themselves as well. So what's the difference?

I also will say I agree with v.3 of d&c 89. The Word of Wisdom is brought around, "adapted to the capacity of the weak". Sure, I may be an okay drunk, but Billy Bob may blow at it. So our bad apple Billy Bob ruins the whole bunch. It is better not to even risk it which is why we must avoid these things in the first place.

Am I making any sense? Thoughts? 

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Surprise Surprise

This study cites Utah as the 44th safest state for children. Say what??? Yes, 86% of states are safer than Utah. It's sad when your state competes with Alaska for the most sex offenders/pedophiles. I'm sure you can come with your own reasons for this. On a brighter note, since Alaska has 1 sex offender for every 143 people that means Skagway only has like 5 sex offenders!

Here are the top safest states:
1. Connecticut
2. Rhode Island
3. New Jersey
4. New York
5. California
6. Maine
7. Pennsylvania
8. Massachusetts
9. Maryland
10. Oregon

Interesting that there are so many "blue" states in that list. Oh wait, they're all Blue States*!

*a blue state is primarily democrat.

Monday, March 17, 2008

This is LOVE, Baby!!

Yea so basically MAC (cosmetics) has just collaborated with Heatherette, a crazy-cool fashion duo, who in turn created the sweetest line of MAC to date! It comes out on Thursday and I'm already peeing my pants! Well, almost peeing my pants! Okay, so I'm not literally peeing my pants. But I'm still so excited, fortunately for you, you have no idea. Beautiful! 

Monday, March 10, 2008

Something A Little Less Pessimistic

You know I am more than happy to rant and rave about the annoying things at BYU, but I thought today I'd take a break and do something fun, corny and boring. :) Yes, it's a questionnaire...about looovve! But don't worry, I'm stewing up a perfectly awesome rant for tomorrow...or maybe later this evening! 

How long have you been together? 
We met in 05, and dated a few months later, so we've been together on and off for 2 1/2 years.

Where did you meet? 
Well you see, I lived in an all-girls and married housing complex, and one day this hot guy (trent) came over to, oh I dunno, flirt. But I thought since he lived in our complex, he must be married, so I kind of didn't reciprocate the flirting. After a few days however, I kind of put two and two together and discovered that he and his buddies had some how rigged the system to live there because apparently married housing is cheaper and so yea...that's that!

What was your first date?
We went to the movies and saw V for Vendetta. I enjoyed myself but I thought he was too cool for me and that we'd not end up going on a second date.

What first attracted you to him? 
Besides his dashing personality and good looks, I think his independence and confidence attracted me. Guys, that's the secret to getting a girl! I had been so used to dating guys who bummed rides off me or tried to get me to split the bill at dinner that it was so refreshing to see someone who had a nice car, had money, etc, and all from his own hard work. He didn't complain about money either. It was good to meet someone who although young, I could depend on and not feel like I'd be the bread winner for the rest of my life. 

How long did you date? 
Again, we dated about 2 years give or take.

Who kissed who first? 
We were on our second date and I suggested we drive up to Sundance because I had remembered being there once and the stars were amazing, you could see the whole solar system. We went up there again, and this time sparks flew instead of stars! :) 

Who said "I love you" first?
I'm guessing he did, because although I always felt like I wanted to burst out and with "I love you!" I didn't want to scare him..guys get scared so easily by that! 

Who proposed?
He did. It was my birthday, we were in Alaska, and we took a helicopter ride up to the glaciers. I figured the ride was just for my birthday. I knew we were to be officially engaged soon, but figured he didn't have my ring yet, since it was a custom order all the way down in Utah. However, as soon as we landed on the glacier, he popped the question. Of course he already knew the answer. 

Where and when were you married?
I think September 22. 2007, in Payson Utah, overlooking the valley. Beautiful. I say I think because it was either Sept 21 or 22 and actually it was the 22nd but I keep thinking it was the 21st! After our first month anniversary I was so sad because Trent said "happy one month anniversary yesterday" what I thought to be two days late, but it turned out that it really had been the day before!

Who is smarter?
Smarter as in grammar or in biology? Probably him in both anyways.

Who does the laundry?
No one. Just kidding! He is very domesticated, he usually takes care of it although I do my unfair share. :)

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
I believe that would be me. 

Who does the bills?
What bills? We're livin the life! 

Who mows the lawn? 
Nothin much to mow at the present time. Our in house gardener does that though. 

Who cooks dinner?
Well you see, we kind of live with his mother, so she takes care of that 90% of the time, otherwise we go out. I'm incredibly not domestic. 

Who is more stubborn?
I wouldn't say either of us are ridiculously stubborn. If we get in a debate, I would say it's him. He is good at debating. 

What is your favorite date?
Anything that doesn't entail schoolwork! We love to rock climb. That's our most common date as of recent.

What do you like best about him now?
Everything, especially his perfectly sculpted back side- it's a model's ass, baby! haha. but other than that, he is the sweetest, cutest guy in the world, i think i picked well. even my grandma wants to date him!

ok I told you that was going to be corny! 

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Boredom in Utah = Trouble for all

So this poor kid wears a cloak and sings outside while waiting for his next class. Innocent (and weird) enough, right? Then someone calls the BYU police on him. He is asked to stop singing. A few days later, he is once again reported to the police because he is singing and apparently disturbing the peace. UHHH, WTF?

I am not oblivious to the fact that BYU students and Mormons are just as human as everyone else and in result, err often in judgment, but if you truly believe in a church that says love everyone no matter what their differences, why do these kids insist on calling the police on some poor, innocent kid? 

This is the same problem the homosexuals face; nobody knows anything about tolerance and love for different people. 

It's sad too, because BYU affords such a great education to students, and I honestly think that our teachers are cream of the crop. They often teach us stuff about tolerance. So why do these students not get it? 

I hate thinking that people are so concerned with another person's life that they would think it their responsibility to call the cops on them. It's just like when we were in the WILK and this girl stops this guy with a beard and goes "excuse me sir, but do you have a beard card?" it's like who cares? stay out of his business, and what if he does have a beard card? How do you think he feels being asked about it everywhere he goes? 

Anyways my rant for the day. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Things I DON'T Like

I was 5  years old when my great-grandmother died at the age of 90. One of the only things I remember about her death was that I was so amazed that she didn't die of getting shot. I thought she was super lucky to escape this world being so old. 

Isn't that sad? That a 5 yr old already knew how perilous the world is? That we are lucky if we don't get shot and killed in life? 

This article talks about just one of the many random shootings that are cropping up everywhere in the U.S. Some guy opened fire in a Wendy's and killed this Paramedic, whose family was waiting for him outside in the car. Can you imagine? Simply stopping at a Wendy's to eat can mean life and death.

What is wrong with our country? I'm sorry but how often do we see this in Canada, France, England, etc? Gang related, I can understand. But random, angry people who kill everyone and then themselves? Get out of here.

Honestly, I think our country is so spoiled that we think our lives are so terrible when in comparison, they're amazing! If you put the poorest person in the U.S. up to the average individual in India, China, Mexico- you name it, they'd still be better off. Stop whining about your poor life, and get over it. So people treat you like crap? So what! Like honestly, I don't feel bad for some handyman.

Anyways sadness indeed. Let's just love each other! Easier said than done, right? 

Thank Me Later

You'll understand when you actually go to the website, but essentially what goes on is they have a deal-til-it's-gone. So a $60 sweatshirt may be $20, but only til it's sold out. Shirts are like $8-10, and again, when they sell out, they're gone and a new item will come up on the screen. If you live in utah, you can opt to pick up your order at their SLC hq and they'll scrap the shipping charge. Anyways,  I have found some pretty cute things on here!!

Whiskey is more skater, snowboard, surfing. Very contemporary. I've seen DC, Split, Electric, Spy, Special Blend, Four Square, Burton, Forum, etc. 

Steep and Cheap is rock climbing, hiking, skiing, etc. It is more "granola" if that's the p.c. word for it. They have Oakley, Prana, Mountain Hardwear, Arcteryx, etc. Great deals for all!

The mother company is who own, and they always have sales, so if you don't like the deal of the day check there. 

Things I Like

Click Here to see the silliest little video! So clever especially compared to today's standards!

Friday, February 29, 2008

What is a Family?

Who decided what a family was going to be? Above we have the "nuclear" family. It has a husband and a wife and two strapping children that look like they could do no wrong. Anyone recognize this family? I don't.

I don't think it is our right to define a family strictly as that which is shown above. So, two lesbians who love each other want to be a family, let them. Or two non- lesbian women who never married decide to rent a house, can they not be each other's family? Family doesn't have to be limited to just those people that came from the same womb. 

To further illustrate, let's take our two straight women who, for whatever reason, never found "the one" in life. So, they decided to rent a house together and live as strictly platonic companions. Why can't the one share her health insurance with the other? Or her discount at her job, or whatever it is that's important? They have no other beneficiaries, they are alone in the world, save for this person. 

Everyone should have the option to be "married" in essence to whoever they want, and be able to share what they have with the other, regardless of their gender.

And this whole deterioration of the sanctity of the family? It's complete bull! When was the family actually sanctified? It's always been such a dysfunctional entity! Dads running out on their kids for the secretary, the wife living as a personal assistant to her husband, etc. Kids disowning their parents or stealing money for drugs? Yea, dysfunctional! So why can't people who care about each other be a family?

I think the definition of family needs to change hardcore. If you believe in having 20 kids and having a nuclear family, then by all means, go for it. However, if you're not "typical", why not define your own family? Everyone deserves a life long companion. What goes on in the bedroom is no one's business. Really, it's not.

Also, confining family to what it is today prevents us from the potential relationships we could have with people all around us. If we confine the definition to just those who are blood or marriage related, we alienate ourselves from other people in our world, thinking they're not as good because they're not one of "us". But aren't we all brothers and sisters anyways? So by being exclusive, we aren't able to serve one another as lovingly as we could if we considered family to be everyone. 

I know this is a totally sensitive subject for some people, but for me it just makes sense. And in a hundred years they're going to look back and say "I can't believe that back in the day family only meant a man and a woman who have sex!" Because family is going to be open to everyone. It's gonna be a great day!