Monday, April 7, 2008

Support the GLBTS community!

For the slow minded, i mean Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender and Straight community! I figure, why let the GLBT have all the fun? We should all be members of the same community, one that doesn't care what you do in your bedroom, just that you are an equal human being!

Recently there has been this "pregnant man" in the news. I don't think there is a single person in this world who can look at that as normal, completely unsurprised by that image. However, once I took a good look at their lives, and the struggles they have been through to have that child, my heart was softened. I immediately began to worry about the safety of this couple. I can't imagine the horrible insults and persecution they will receive, and the fact that six doctors refused to treat this human being in need of medical care. There is also a baby that needs medical care, one whose life could depend on that care. Yet they refused to treat the man because it was something no one had seen before.

I don't know the situation of this couple, I don't feel it's my place or anyone else's to judge. But I do realize that this poor human being will go the rest of his life being ostracized, rejected and discriminated against simply because he is who he is.

In this culture where emulating Christ is our belief, we don't always do a good job. I recall when a group for gay advocacy came to BYU a couple years ago, they were received with biting comments and name-calling. People fought and debated with them, telling them they were sinners and horrible people. Your religion doesn't have to accept gays as doctrine, but it should be the first place these people can run for comfort and support. Christ would have loved them, even if they were engaged in a sexually active relationship. He would not stone them, he would not reject them. They would be loved unconditionally.

A relative of mine has recently converted from mormonism to another religion. Initially, the family had a hard time accepting this. The thing is, they asked, how can we be a family when he/she won't be there in the eternity? Parents confront this reality all the time. A child does not live consistently with the general beliefs of the family. What becomes of them then? Frankly, I don't think a single one of us has the power or right to say they won't be there with us in the eternities. We don't know what God knows about these situations. So stop worrying to death about it and start loving others! Stop excluding one another. Join together as one community.

I only raise this topic because there has never been a day in my life where I could truly reconcile myself with the idea that gay people were not equal to straight people. I still can't live with the thoughts of people being persecuted and abused simply because of their sexual orientation. 

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Beatrix Kiddo said...

I've always struggled with the idea that we won't all be together in the eternities. It seems that through bonds of love that a loving God would want it. This is one topic in the church I will never be reconciled with. I've always thought that Heavenly Father's justice system would be a lot more tolerant than the church represents it to be.