Thursday, April 24, 2008


According to this article, some Brazilian priest went missing after trying to break the record for flying with the most helium balloons! This is all that's left of his effort! He's MIA, folks! He is thought to have floated 30 miles off course or something. Well, read the article, it gives more accurate details than me! Seriously, this is so sad! He looks so happy in the other photos as he's being lifted off! Now, why would someone do something this idiotic in the first place? Beats me! But am I the only one who feels a little bad looking at that photo? Bad, because you're half laughing half crying at this image? Yes, I feel bad that I laughed a little. 

PS- Here are some of my favorite comments from The Daily Mail's readers: 

Well what a stupid thing to do, of course he's lost! No way of steering balloons is there!
- Anon, East Sussex

So this is how the Ascension was accomplished. I must admit it was always a mystery to me.
- Thomas, Saltdean

What I am bothered about is the innocent seabirds and other marine life who will die a horrible death after eating the deflated balloons when they fall into the sea. Many, many animals, including dolphins, die each year due to balloons being released and them drifting over the sea- the deflated or burst balloons are often found in their stomachs during autopsy. All this to amuse one man and for him to feel macho.
- David, Newcastle

Catholic priests are not allowed to carry out stunts like this. Perhaps he will go to hell for this suicide attempt. He is clearly deranged.
- Aran, London

Monday, April 21, 2008

"Abortion Girl"'s Little Project is Banned!

"Yale University officials say they will not allow Abortion Girl to show her senior 'art' project at its scheduled opening on Tuesday unless she admits in writing that she's a fake.

School of Art Dean Robert Storr said, "Yale does not encourage or condone projects that would involve unknown health risks to the student. Nor does it believe that open discourse and inquiry can exist in an educational and creative community when an individual exercises these rights but evades full intellectual accountability for the strong response he or she may provoke.”

Abortion Girl has not responded to the University's latest 'ban' statement.

As of Friday, she was claiming that nothing was faked — she DID artificially impregnate herself and induce abortions.

Abortion Girl said last week that if the University refuses to exhibit her piece, she'll show it elsewhere.

Yale also announced that two faculty members have been disciplined for allowing Abortion Girl to move forward with her project."

THANK GOODNESS!! She's an idiot. Oh and there's a vid of her on you tube that makes her look even more of an idiot. just thought you might like to know. : )

Thursday, April 17, 2008

So Disturbing...

According to the Yale Daily News , this freak of an art major named Aliza Shvarts' idea of a senior art project was to artificially inseminate herself and then use herbal "abortifaciant" medications to induce miscarriages. She allegedly did this for a period of 9 months, recording these abortions, and will be displaying not only the videos of the miscarriages, but the blood will be displayed as well. Am I the only one who gets chills even reading about this? So wrong and evil!

However, the plot thickens, as THIS article from calls the entire scheme a hoax, claiming this girl is pulling the wool over the eyes of not only the public, her school's newspaper, but her professors as well! The author insists that miscarriages are not only physically painful, but emotionally painful, and the "abortifaciants" that she is using are extremely detrimental to a woman's health, especially considering she did not once consult a doctor. First, I really hope that this really is a hoax, because to repeatedly kill feti (fetuses?) for some stupid art project is not only disgusting, but completely degenerative. I am no right winger, but this is unacceptable behavior from anyone. I don't know how you could be proud and totally desensitized to even make up a project like this. Whether it is fake or real, it's so so sick.

Moreover, it's really sad that students have to resort to this kind of sensationalism to get their name out there. She's probably hoping that she will be canonized for this stunt, and sadly, she probably will be. There's so much competition in these schools for students to stand out that she has to scream "freak" like this.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In addition to liking to hear myself write, I have created the Utah Fashion Blog for those Utahns or otherwise-challenged folks to get a look into the outside world. Now, I can't really say I am the expert at fashion (I mean look at the socks I wear- white cherry socks with loafers? ), but I do think Utahns need some help some of the time in this department, and somehow I think I am able to do so. Again, I don't know how qualified I am for the job, but I'd like to believe that I nonetheless offer some pretty useful tips on occasion. So go ahead and check it out HERE and don't be shy, please comment on things. Oh and hey, anonymous guy, I don't think I've disabled anon comments on that blog, so go ahead and leave all the creepy comments you'd like! 

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Aunt Abby

I am officially an aunt! Of what I don't know. Well I believe it is a girl. But I don't even know its name! The mother is sleeping right now, I will just call it Doreen.

Seriously though, this feeling for this little thing is about as close as I will ever be to having my own child, which I will probably never do (never=5 years). It is just melting my heart away! There is something quite spell-binding about this little tyke! I love it! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Am I the only one...

...who thinks this blogspot isn't very user friendly? I think it so confusing! How do I make a cute customized blog? I can't even figure out how to post other blog links on the side! I must be computer illiterate. 

Monday, April 7, 2008

To Whistler, American

You also, our first great
Had tried all ways;
Tested and pried and worked in many fashions,
And this much gives me heart to play the game.

Here is a part that's slight, and part gone wrong,
And much of little moment, and some few
Perfect as Durer!
"In the Studio" and these two portraits, if I had my choice!
And then these sketches in the mood of Greece?

You had your sketches, your uncertainties,
And this is good to know- for us, I mean,
Who bear the brunt of our America
And try to wrench her impulse into art.

You were not always sure, not always set
To hiding night or tuning "symphonies";
Had not one style from birth, but tried and pried
And stretched and tampered with the media.

You and Abe Lincoln from that mass of dolts
Show us there's chance at least of winning through.

E. Pound, 1912


So this weekend in Moab, we got to go rock climbing. I am a pro when it comes to the local indoor gym but I have to admit, this was my first time ever climbing outdoors. We chose a cool spot where top roping was possible (no lead climbing because even though i'm certified it still scares the crap out of me! top roping for life!), and we started climbing. The slickrock makes things a little more challenging because there is practically nothing to grab on to. But those few holds are miracles! They're so amazing! And when you get to the top, nothing feels better, even though looking down can be scary! 

Anyways I've just realized how fulfilling my life is right now. I didn't grow up in a very outdoorsy family, or shall I say it never went far beyond bikes and english style horse riding (which i love, don't get me wrong!). But we didn't often camp and get dirty like my granola husband has gotten me to do. Again, I will say that I feel I had a lot of great opportunities in my childhood, but now I'm getting even more opportunities and it's really quite rewarding. It's weird how when I was single, I didn't ever want to get married because if I did, my life would be over. But lucky me, I got into the right marriage, because it feels like my life has just begun! And, as sad as it is true, I love The North Face! I'm such a hottie in my jackets, what can I say? I even have tent slippers to match. 

I'm just really enjoying being introduced to these new opportunities. Without divulging too much information, I think I know a little more about the world than my generally naive disposition allows people to believe. But I find solace in the bright outlook ahead. Yea yea I know I'm corny. But yea, climbing is wonderful. 

Support the GLBTS community!

For the slow minded, i mean Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender and Straight community! I figure, why let the GLBT have all the fun? We should all be members of the same community, one that doesn't care what you do in your bedroom, just that you are an equal human being!

Recently there has been this "pregnant man" in the news. I don't think there is a single person in this world who can look at that as normal, completely unsurprised by that image. However, once I took a good look at their lives, and the struggles they have been through to have that child, my heart was softened. I immediately began to worry about the safety of this couple. I can't imagine the horrible insults and persecution they will receive, and the fact that six doctors refused to treat this human being in need of medical care. There is also a baby that needs medical care, one whose life could depend on that care. Yet they refused to treat the man because it was something no one had seen before.

I don't know the situation of this couple, I don't feel it's my place or anyone else's to judge. But I do realize that this poor human being will go the rest of his life being ostracized, rejected and discriminated against simply because he is who he is.

In this culture where emulating Christ is our belief, we don't always do a good job. I recall when a group for gay advocacy came to BYU a couple years ago, they were received with biting comments and name-calling. People fought and debated with them, telling them they were sinners and horrible people. Your religion doesn't have to accept gays as doctrine, but it should be the first place these people can run for comfort and support. Christ would have loved them, even if they were engaged in a sexually active relationship. He would not stone them, he would not reject them. They would be loved unconditionally.

A relative of mine has recently converted from mormonism to another religion. Initially, the family had a hard time accepting this. The thing is, they asked, how can we be a family when he/she won't be there in the eternity? Parents confront this reality all the time. A child does not live consistently with the general beliefs of the family. What becomes of them then? Frankly, I don't think a single one of us has the power or right to say they won't be there with us in the eternities. We don't know what God knows about these situations. So stop worrying to death about it and start loving others! Stop excluding one another. Join together as one community.

I only raise this topic because there has never been a day in my life where I could truly reconcile myself with the idea that gay people were not equal to straight people. I still can't live with the thoughts of people being persecuted and abused simply because of their sexual orientation. 

Blog Change

You're all more than welcome to check out the creepy comment I got from "anonymous" - an insensible rant that basically only reinforced my belief in crazy people. However, from now on you need to be registered to comment. Ya'll already are so it makes no difference really, except that if you were "anonymous" you will now need to stop hiding behind your computer and confront this 22 yr old girl of whom you are scared shizless. And believe me, I'm happy to confront you.