Saturday, February 27, 2010

Animals (cont).

So remember earlier how I wrote about my doubts in using animals for profit? Well, the more that I think about it, I do believe that Sea World and Barnum & Bailey, etc are kinda crock. I know others will feel differently but yea, I've decided I don't want to support such endeavours.

BUT, when it comes to pets, I believe that a traditional, domesticated animal is pretty awesome. Most people know that I have quite a love for animals, one in particular: cats! I have had many a cat in my lifetime, and if I ever am an old widow, I hope to have at least 50 cats :) haha jk. But I have talked before about buying a huge plot of land and making it a cat haven, hahaha. I really will be the crazy dirty old cat lady though! :P

But something I've always wondered is why many people treat their pets like humans, and if Fido dies, they act as if it was their child that died. For example, I used to cat sit for a single, middle-aged woman when she'd go out of town. Her cat's name was Big Boy, and she really really cared about this cat. To her, he was her child. She totally clicked with him on a crazy level, and when she talked about him, it was like he was a human being. I have always wondered what she would do if he died. We have a few cats at my parents, two of which who are turning 17 this year. I have no idea how I will respond to their deaths, but I did realize why people feel so close to their animals.

I realized how unconditional pets are. They love you no matter what. Well, as long as you feed them and don't abuse them, of course. But they don't ever just change their mind and decide they don't like you, or think maybe it's time for you to move on. They don't say that you guys don't "click" or get along; to animals, as long as you show them a little respect, they return it unconditionally. They also are quick to forgive, hardly remembering the wrongs you have shown.

So if anyone thinks that animals are brainless or dumb, remember that although they aren't as "intelligent" as us, they can do some things that most humans have a really tough time doing.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A matter of when, not if

Sometimes I find myself being very shy on my own blog. I feel like all I can really blog about are puppydogs and rainbows, otherwise I am going to disappoint a lot of people with my opinions. But I mean, this is my blog, right? So can I be truthful with you?

Because I heard today about the Sea World employee who was killed today in Orlando by a killer whale. First off, I am truly sorry to hear that something like this has happened, and my sympathy goes out to the victim's family.

However, as we all know, killer whales do not typically live up to their name. It's always been one of those silly things- despite being called "killer", they are generally quite gentle. But it certainly raises a question of, what the heck are we doing, corralling animals in to small spaces, "training" them to make money for us? We've been paying to be entertained by animals for centuries (Circuses, Zoos, Seigfried and Roy), so we don't think anything of it. In fact, most of us are innocent people who just want to see cute, cuddly-looking animals that we'd never get to see otherwise. But does that make it all okay? What makes a normally docile animal attack? Maybe we are showing our love for animals in the wrong way. If we truly love them should we make them stay in small enclosures, demand them to perform and entertain? What do you think? I'm afraid I don't know the "right" answer. But what I do know is that a lot of these incidents are not a matter of if, but when.

Of course this would then bring up the question of animals as pets, because if animals aren't for our entertainment, then should we even have pets? Well, I know that is an equally tough question, and my opinion may differ from that of others. My view is that as long as the animal is not confined to small spaces relative to their size, then it's okay. But if it's a rabbit that spends 22 hours of its day in a cage, then yea, I kinda take issue with that.

But yea, what do you think about the way we use animals?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Born-Again Cheapskate

Remember back in the day when Old Navy just started out, and it was all the rage because their clothes were cute yet affordable? It seemed like such a novelty back then that you could get fashionable clothing at on-sale prices. Yet today, stores like H&M, Forever 21 and Wet Seal almost put Old Navy to shame, because their clothing is practically half the price as Old Navy's, and well, ON can sometimes be kind of repetitive and/or boring in their styles.

And so I ask myself, with so many adorable things at such amazing prices, what's the point of buying designer clothes anymore? Especially when trends change so fast, it's kinda nice to have not paid a pretty penny for something that will go out of style in a few months. And sure it was one thing when I used to get a 20% discount on the already discounted stuff at Nordstrom Rack. So designer stuff was do-able. But nowadays I'm all about being cheap.

My very first purchase at Forever 21 was back in November. I bought some "cage shoes", or at least that's what the magazines call them. They are just fun heels, and they cost me a whole $23. Now, while the quality is not up to par to say, the shoes sold at Nordstrom, a similar shoe at Nordies would probably run me $100-150, easily. And since the shoe is trendy, if it goes out of style in a couple of months, at least I didn't lose out on $100. Plus, if the saying, you get what you pay for, is true, then I don't really care if they break after a couple wears (which btw they've been worn now 3 times without issue!).

So yea, I just decided the other day that I am done with expensive shoes, bags, jeans, etc. I am never again paying more than $60 for jeans, or $40 for shoes. In fact, if I stick to forever 21, my shoes will be $25. :) Well ok, I might be lying because if I do see a must-have pair of shoes at Nordstrom that is costly, I can't promise to resist. And I do love my Longchamps handbags (dawdy, old lady nylon bags that cost wayyyyy too much but are awesome). But I can't tell you how awesome it is to score at H&M with their $30 dresses (many of them are "modest" too which helps out), or Forever 21's jewelry department or whatever. They pretty much rock.

Oh and this is a little embarrassing but I am also a big fan of the Miley Cyrus- Max Azria collection at Wal-Mart. It actually appears to be designed for tweens (as I end up barely fitting into Large), but I love it- I have a couple chiffon-y shirts from this collection that I wear for work all the time- I paid $12 for one, $7 for another! It just makes so much cents. <-- hahaha I'm really funny aren't I? But for reals, every  sane designer has caught on to the "cheap" clothing collection thing, and I'm pretty proud to be a cheapskate!

But then again, I won't really succumb to being cheap with makeup. Most people know I love me some MAC, so I guess since I spend a good part of my money there, that's why I have to save elsewhere! :)

So how about you, what are your favorite cheap thrills? And when/where do you splurge?

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Few Tidbits...

So, it's been kinda hectic around here lately, sorry for the delay in updates! I went back to Utah last week for my Grandmother's funeral. It was a difficult thing, especially when they closed the casket forever. I will miss her so much! I just hope she is up there and will be my guardian angel when I need her. :)

Anyways, right now we are in Florida, and we had the opportunity a couple days ago to go to Disney World. I had only been to Disney Land, and that was when I was 4, so it's been a while! But interestingly, my trip to Disney Land is the earliest memory I have! I was excited to visit Disney World because it's one of those things you gotta do in life, right? ;) Yet, when we got there, I was kinda disappointed by the first impression. First it's like $80 to visit. Ok, we paid, fine. Then it was super hectic in there, tons of kids, strollers, etc. But again, what else did I expect. Next. So we were hungry, and headed to a restaurant whose menu seemed decent, but when we got there, they denied us because we didn't have a reservation. Er...So we ate at some random eatery where all they had was fried food. Then we went and waited in lines for the rides, and they were anywhere from 20 to 90 min long! On one, we waited like 45 minutes only for the ride to close due to technical difficulties. Needless to say we only rode maybe 6 or 7 rides.

But, by the end of the night, we warmed up to the park. I really liked the classic rides, like the tea cups and the "It's a small world" ride. Those are some of the rides I remember from Disney Land 20 years ago! We went on the Space Mountain roller coaster too which wasn't scary but fun! And they took the funniest pic of us while we were on it. I wish I'd bought it, it was classic. :) I think I really enjoyed revisiting a lot of those rides that I rode as a child. But if I were to visit again, I'd spend a few days because there is so much to see!

Anyways tomorrow we are heading to Miami, and I haven't been there for 10+ years so that should be fun! Now if only I could persuade myself to visit the gym...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Losing a Best Friend

I had been waiting for the call for the past few days- it was expected, but no matter how hard I tried, I don't think anything could have prepared me for losing my best friend and grandmother.

Carol Jeanne Loveridge Clark, affectionately known also as "Big G", died tonight at the age of 79. She lived a long, fulfilled life, and despite her physical death, she lives on in the lives of many. Big G was a memorable person to meet, whether you knew her for a lifetime, or for only a few minutes. Due to her friendly, selfless, and inquisitive personality, she made friends everywhere she went. If she didn't know anyone when she walked in, she made sure she knew everyone by the time she left.

Big G was one of the few people I know who would stop everything and just sit and talk- every single time. The conversation, no matter how hard I tried, was never on her; she wanted to know about me, and what made me tick. We talked about the "hard" subjects in life, and she gave honest, open advice. She never put on a front or tried to cover up her imperfections. She loved me and Trent just as we came, and never made us feel that we had to be anything but ourselves.

Big G had a great capacity for love. She loved, more than you will ever know, every single one of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and wanted them to be happy. She talked at lengths about each and every one of them on an individual basis. If any one of them was having a hard time in life, there was nothing she wanted more than to comfort them and make them whole. She shed many tears for those of us who ever had struggles. I hope all of her loved ones know how unexaggerated this is.

There was one story Big G told me a couple different times: When she was a little girl, her mother told her that when she was pregnant with Big G, she tried all the "at-home" remedies for aborting her, because at the time, the family was so poor that her mother couldn't fathom how they would feed another  child. But, when Big G arrived, the mother was grateful that she didn't, in fact, abort her. While I'm not sure her mother meant much ill from this story, it impacted Big G as a child, and often felt unloved by her mother. I think she felt that she wasn't really wanted, and I think she harbored that insecurity through adulthood. Yet to think of the impact she's had on all of us, it's clear that without Big G, we would all be in trouble. I hope she knows that now, especially if she is looking down on us. I hope she realizes how many people she influenced in her lifetime.

I loved her deeply, and to think of life now without her is just impossible. Even tonight, when I was feeling down, all I wanted to do was to call her and talk to her, until I realized that was no longer an option. There's no replacement for what she has given me, and I only hope that I can continue without her.

My only regret is that I wasn't there for what was one of the most important moments of her life. I hope she will forgive me and know that I never forgot her. She cannot be forgotten, for her fingerprints are indelibly placed all over my life. I am who I am because of her strength and her love. Big G, thank you for everything. I love you.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


So of course there's been this doppleganger theme on facebook for the past week. Fun, I guess. Though I agree that a lot of people are flattering themselves a little too much. No, you don't look like Megan Fox or Brad Pitt, sorry!! Be more like Trent, whose doppleganger is Alfred E. Newman.

A few years ago, I often got told I looked like Lisa-Marie Presley. I have no idea why I got this comparison but I got it a TON- in the grocery store, from guests at my hotel, etc. All the time. I was guessing it might have been my hair at the time (no bangs, some highlights, etc), because I haven't heard that for at least 2, maybe 3 years. Lately though, I've been growing my hair out, including my bangs, which are long enough for me to pin back. So today, an agent we visited asked, "how many times a day do you get told you look like Lisa Marie Presley?" I laughed and told her that we were just talking about this, how I hadn't been told that in years. So, I guess it IS about the hair!

What do you think, do I look like Lisa Marie Presley? :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

I've Been Watching Too Much True Blood...

This morning, or should I say noon, when I was halfway between sleep and awake, I had this novel idea: I decided Trent and I have been having such a hard time getting up lately because the sun has been getting into the room via a small crack in the blind, and draining us of all our life.

Don't worry, I came to my senses a few minutes later, and realized how silly that concept was. But can I say, True Blood is one of the best shows I have ever seen. I swear, it is so awesome. I thought Big Love was the best, but True Blood takes the damn cake. The thing is, I haven't, until now, bought into the whole vampire hype- I am not interested in Twilight at all, though maybe if it is half as good as this series, then I just might. But definitely, Bill Compton is way more enticing than Edward. Maybe the fact that he is old enough to have chest hair is what allows him to be attractive? haha, I dunno.

No, but Bill Compton aside, here are some reasons you should watch True Blood:
1.) I like all the underlying messages relating to everyone
2.) It makes vampires seem so realistic, and not at all contrived. I am actually convinced that there really are vampires.
3.) The endings! The endings are always so climactic, and they never fail. Whether scary or not, they are worth while.
4.) Anna Paquin. Yes the little girl from My Girl, is one of the main characters, and she is a phenomenal actress.
5.) Actually, speaking of acting, the entire cast is phenomenal. They play their parts so accurately and sincerely. Tara and Lafayette are both freaking amazing but on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Well, there are 5 reasons for you, but there are many more where that came from. Now, I should warn you, it is basically Rated R material, so keep that in mind. And yes, I've heard of the analogy of the ice cream with roaches in it. And I would eat the roaches whole, if it meant being able to watch True Blood. :)

What about you? What is your favorite vampire show/book/etc?