Saturday, February 27, 2010

Animals (cont).

So remember earlier how I wrote about my doubts in using animals for profit? Well, the more that I think about it, I do believe that Sea World and Barnum & Bailey, etc are kinda crock. I know others will feel differently but yea, I've decided I don't want to support such endeavours.

BUT, when it comes to pets, I believe that a traditional, domesticated animal is pretty awesome. Most people know that I have quite a love for animals, one in particular: cats! I have had many a cat in my lifetime, and if I ever am an old widow, I hope to have at least 50 cats :) haha jk. But I have talked before about buying a huge plot of land and making it a cat haven, hahaha. I really will be the crazy dirty old cat lady though! :P

But something I've always wondered is why many people treat their pets like humans, and if Fido dies, they act as if it was their child that died. For example, I used to cat sit for a single, middle-aged woman when she'd go out of town. Her cat's name was Big Boy, and she really really cared about this cat. To her, he was her child. She totally clicked with him on a crazy level, and when she talked about him, it was like he was a human being. I have always wondered what she would do if he died. We have a few cats at my parents, two of which who are turning 17 this year. I have no idea how I will respond to their deaths, but I did realize why people feel so close to their animals.

I realized how unconditional pets are. They love you no matter what. Well, as long as you feed them and don't abuse them, of course. But they don't ever just change their mind and decide they don't like you, or think maybe it's time for you to move on. They don't say that you guys don't "click" or get along; to animals, as long as you show them a little respect, they return it unconditionally. They also are quick to forgive, hardly remembering the wrongs you have shown.

So if anyone thinks that animals are brainless or dumb, remember that although they aren't as "intelligent" as us, they can do some things that most humans have a really tough time doing.


The Boob Nazi said...

You know I'm a huge dog person. I love them.

Maria said...

I too have a love for felines. I can see why people get so attached to animals, especially when they are indoor animals that live with you. Since having kids i don't get as attached to animals, but I definitely love cuddling with kitties and would have at least one in our house if that darn Chris wasn't allergic.... curses to him.