Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'll have a #9 with Ranch and Sweet 'n Sour Sauce

Every year when I come up to Skagway, the thing I miss the most from the real world is Wendy's. I am a sucker for chicken nuggets with ranch and sweet n sour sauce! I don't know why, but I always seem to miss this the most. Because of this, every summer I have had multiple dreams where I discover a town in the middle of nowhere, and it has a Wendy's. I am tormented in the morning when I wake up only to discover that I really didn't consume 400 calories of chickeny nugget goodness. Anyways, this year I decided I was done with the dreams and I was going to put them to rest for good. Since we drove up here, we were able to stop at a Wendy's far north in Alberta- coincidentally the last one we ended up seeing. I was so excited to have my "last supper"! While there, I bought a bag full of sauces to enjoy up here with chicken nuggets.

So anyways, Trent, my sister and some friends went on a road trip to Denali yesterday. I couldn't go because I have to work, but I digress. Today, my sister texts me to say they found a Wendy's- in the middle of nowhere in a town called North Pole (very clever huh)!! WTF!? My dream came true! Sure, it's still a day's drive from me, but so random huh! Not even Juneau, the capital, has a Wendy's (although if it did, I very well might spend the $200 to fly there).


Monday, July 19, 2010

I can rent a car now!

Well...I turned 25 last week. 25! I have always kind of looked forward 25, because it seemed like a turning point age or something. But as the date got closer and closer, I started getting weird and nervous. I think it's because I realized that I will only continue getting older and older...and older. Plus, I think we forget sometimes that we will never be able to go back to a certain age- like we'll never be 16 again- which can definitely be good (who really wants to be 16 again?), but still, we spend all of our youth being excited to get older so we can date or go to college or rent a car, but then when we get there it's like "oh poo, can I be 20 again?"

However, I have heard that the older you get, the better life gets- that the thirties are better than the twenties, and the forties are better than the thirties. I hope it's true. But when I woke up one day after I turned 25, I actually felt different. As if a new leaf had been turned, and I had a fresh start.

Anyways enough of my ramblings!

So, as far as my birthday celebrations-- Trent is always so awesome at putting fun and creative parties together. It is almost always a "surprise party", but as you could imagine, by now I am used to it so it's not really a surprise. I just say "tell me when to be there and I'll act surprised". :P

But this year, he took me on to the ship (Zuiderdam) for dinner. We were joined by my friends Logan, Wil, Casey and Gabby. The dining room is somewhat "fancy"- every single staff that you walk by says "good evening", and it is a multiple course dinner with multiple silverware. You can have as much food as you want- 2 appetizers, 2 entrees, etc- whatever you want! And the names of the items are very "fancy shcmancy". For appetizer I had a goat cheese & tomato tart, followed by a caeser salad. Then I had veal cordon bleu as my entree. And for dessert, I had fresh fruit plate and a cheese platter. But of course there are all sorts of sweets and stuff.

After that, we headed over to our house, where the rest of my friends were congregating. My good friend Suzi decorated the place with pink and purple streamers and balloons. We played a couple games-- "Mafia", and "the name game".

And probably the best part is, Bethany made me a DELICIOUS cake!

Now when I say delicious, I am not just being nice-- this cake was sooo good! It had cream cheese frosting and vanilla cake w/ raspberries! Mmm, yummy! Thank you, Bethany!

Anyways it was just a really fun night and I was so grateful for everyone who came out and celebrated with me- I didn't realize that many people cared about me :)

Yea so 25...

Monday, July 12, 2010


Hi guys! I know it's been forever since I last posted. I've been having a wonderful summer here in Alaska- very very busy, but awesome nonetheless! I'm learning a lot, too. The weather was absolutely gorgeous all throughout May, but in early June, it took a turn for the worst, and it has been kinda frigid since. It has basically been rainy, cloudy and windy. My tan is definitely gone! But somehow we muddle through. :)

Trent and I have been discussing our plans after the summer season. We will hopefully be going on a Caribbean cruise in November, and then after that, we are hopefully going to Japan for a couple of months! How awesome is that? We can only go for 90 days, but that's plenty of time for now.

 Trent and I have been watching a lot of "anime"- which sounds totally nerdy- and it is! I always imagined that anime was all sci-fi and totally lame, but there are so many different shows, that it's like comparing "The Bachelor" to "Glee"- they're all very different! I guess in Japan, anime is more popular than real shows, so they create all sorts of shows in anime form. Anyways, there are a couple that I really like, and it is getting me even more stoked to visit Japan. I am also slowly learning new phrases everyday so I can be ready when I go there! Oh and I have now made sushi 3 times, the last two times have been really delicious, so I almost feel like a professional sushi chef at this point, hehe.

Oh and speaking of nerdiness, Trent has organized "Nerd Night", which meets every Sunday night- basically a bunch of the kids here get together and do really nerdy things, like yes, watch anime, and play "Magic: the Gathering". I can't believe how many of them have gotten into it though, like how many closet nerds there are in this town!

I've also been getting all my friends addicted to True Blood, and enjoying the third season! :)

That's pretty much all for now, but yea, things are good!