Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Cute, Inspirational Story

So I have a blogger friend, and she wrote about an experience she had the other day, that I will paraphrase.

It was Sunday, and she was headed to church. On the way, she stopped for a White Chocolate Mocha at Starbucks. As she continued to drive, she was talking to God, basically saying that the day was a day for rejoicing, and she didn't want to get worked up or angry over the little things. She prayed that she could have patience. As she was getting out of the car at church, her mocha fell and spilled out all over. She was about to get angry because her $4 drink was now on the ground. However, she took a deep breath and didn't let her feelings get the best of her. Well, then she walked into church, and she went into the choir room, and one of the women had brought coffee and juice for everyone. One of the coffee flavors was White Chocolate Mocha.

She says: "I felt like all was part of a mini test from God and I'm glad. When we keep our promises to God, even if things turn wrong he never forgets about us. He knows about our needs and he fulfills them."

I really liked this story, and it made me think about how sometimes we are tested, and we may not know why things happened, but God does. Anyways, just a cute story! 

Eating Out Rant

Hi, so I have been a bit MIA lately. Again I just haven't had much to say, haha. Work has been pretty low-key, we have only had like 2 shows a week, but Thursday, can you believe, is our LAST show! Wow, I can't believe we're almost done with this job.

Well, right now we're in Montana. We spent the weekend in Great Falls, and I decided that they win the award for WORST servers ever! We couldn't believe the atrocious service we got at restaurants. As you may know, we have to eat out for every meal, and so you can imagine that after seeing restaurants from state to state, we know what service we like. Well, we went to like, 10 restaurants in Great Falls, and the best service, if you can believe it, was at McDonald's, and only because we A) didn't have to wait 20 min just to pay, or B) we didn't have to beg our server for a refill! Ok, "beg" is a bit exaggerated, but we have not been in a place where the servers didn't automatically refill the drink when it was getting low. In fact, I can't remember a single time. Until Great Falls. After the first, I thought, "ok, maybe it's a fluke". Then the next was the same. And the next. And the next. Until we were sucking on ice cubes. Hahaha. Anyways, another doozy was at Coldstone (of all places!), and they served us our ice cream but didn't ring us up, they just went back to scooping ice cream for other people. I am not kidding when I say we waited 10 minutes for them to ring us up. Yea, I ate my ice cream at the register. hehe.

Now, I don't want to sound like a snob when I go into restaurants; in fact, I think Trent and I tend to be a little bit too passive with our servers (so hopefully our food isn't spit in? i dunno, haha), but I also believe that the reason restaurants were even invented was so you could pay someone to make you food and serve it to you. NOT so you could watch your server go by the table 30 times before bothering to bring your check or take your order. Which happened yesterday. The girl brought our check but didn't come back for our credit cards for 20 minutes. We played on our phones in front of a table of dirty plates. In fact, Trent and I have this silly joke, where after so long of waiting, we start saying "Yes I'll have a diet coke" to thin air. It's silly and geeky.

Anyways, here are the small things I think make a great server:
-Refill drinks when drink looks halfway- and refill BOTH at one time, because by the time you bring the one, the other person's will be ready to refill. Plus it's just nice
-Don't bring the check before offering if they would like dessert. It makes it seem rushed, and you never know when someone's gonna want dessert. Cracker Barrel does this all the time, and coincidentally it's one of my favorite places for dessert (Coca-cola cake, mm!!).
-Check with guests after dropping off meals, to see how it is. I dislike when servers never come back til it's time to deliver the check.
-Be prompt, don't make guests wait too long to get drink orders, food orders, checks, etc. Because what if you get a poop attack at the end of dinner, but you have to wait for the person to get the check? Inconvenient, that's what happens. :D haha.

I think that's it. Not hard, though, right? Am I high maintenance? :P