Thursday, April 24, 2008


According to this article, some Brazilian priest went missing after trying to break the record for flying with the most helium balloons! This is all that's left of his effort! He's MIA, folks! He is thought to have floated 30 miles off course or something. Well, read the article, it gives more accurate details than me! Seriously, this is so sad! He looks so happy in the other photos as he's being lifted off! Now, why would someone do something this idiotic in the first place? Beats me! But am I the only one who feels a little bad looking at that photo? Bad, because you're half laughing half crying at this image? Yes, I feel bad that I laughed a little. 

PS- Here are some of my favorite comments from The Daily Mail's readers: 

Well what a stupid thing to do, of course he's lost! No way of steering balloons is there!
- Anon, East Sussex

So this is how the Ascension was accomplished. I must admit it was always a mystery to me.
- Thomas, Saltdean

What I am bothered about is the innocent seabirds and other marine life who will die a horrible death after eating the deflated balloons when they fall into the sea. Many, many animals, including dolphins, die each year due to balloons being released and them drifting over the sea- the deflated or burst balloons are often found in their stomachs during autopsy. All this to amuse one man and for him to feel macho.
- David, Newcastle

Catholic priests are not allowed to carry out stunts like this. Perhaps he will go to hell for this suicide attempt. He is clearly deranged.
- Aran, London

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Beatrix Kiddo said...

Those comments make me sad. This is laughable...but I think it's kind of cute that this priest was probably carrying out a childhood dream.