Saturday, May 10, 2008

yoo hoo!

so i am in alaska/yukon territory for the summer. it's super exciting, and there's so much going on up here! i have worked 12 hr days since wednesday. yea. also internet is totally at a premium up here, so i can't blog as freely as i would like. so i might have to take a semi-hiatus for the summer, but i will try to check in as often as possible! 


Rin said...

I miss your blogs :( But hope you're having a super fabulous time in AK

Janae said...

Guess I just finished taking a class from your father in law. Not that there are many people w/ that last name, but in the directory there are two Quackenbushes with the same address... Not to mention, your husband kinda looks like him :)

I love him, by the way.

mackenzie said...

hey, hey! im glad to see you have a blog. I just have a minute, so I haven't been able to read much, but just wanted to see how you were and how things were going up there. hope you are having fun!