Monday, April 7, 2008

Blog Change

You're all more than welcome to check out the creepy comment I got from "anonymous" - an insensible rant that basically only reinforced my belief in crazy people. However, from now on you need to be registered to comment. Ya'll already are so it makes no difference really, except that if you were "anonymous" you will now need to stop hiding behind your computer and confront this 22 yr old girl of whom you are scared shizless. And believe me, I'm happy to confront you. 

1 comment:

Bethany said...

Wow. So I came here because your sister mentioned a blog on your facebook, and I said "what? A blog? Abby has a blog?" and then I looked in your about me, or what ever it is, and lo and behold, a blog!

So then I was reading and I was that crazy commenter and I felt bad for you. Because I agreed with what you were saying! (and contrary to what that crazy anon was saying, it was not anti-mormon propaganda. bah! HIS was more anti! geez louise! I wuld have to go read it again to tell you everything I hated about his comment, but that would make me hate more, so I won't, but he's crazy. (or she I suppose, but I was thinking he because they said something about a mission, and girls could go on missions, but it is more rare.)

I dn't even know what I am saying anymore. bye.