Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I had a photo to attach, but it wouldn't load so all you get is text!

Is it just me or is it more challenging to log in to this blog program than it needs to be? I tried every password in the book (even my usual 123456789 - haha jk but you can try it on my email acct if you like!), and none of them are ever right! Anyways I think that's what prevents me from posting...not to mention wanting to talk about something OTHER than politics and school.

But on the subject of the latter, I have been kind of antsy lately to graduate and get grounded in a "stable" job. I have held a LOT of different jobs in my life: French Teacher, Farm Laborer (ok only for like 2 days in HS!), High-End Jewelry, Data Entry, Banking, Hotels, Rep for Mortgage Co., Retail, Driver (!)/Guide, Vending, Janitorial (!!!), Restaurants, Interactive Marketing, Public Relations- oh man, you name the field, I've probably done something in it. I've even worked for companies where I had no idea what they even did! 

And after all this, I'd like to hold the same job for at least a year, and not have to move. I'd like to make the money I made in Alaska this summer, without having to go to Alaska. Yet I know that with my husband's graduation looming shortly after my own, we will pick up and move somewhere before I can put much into a "stable" job.  So of course, I'm a little apprehensive about even bothering til we get him into an MBA program. Well, at least if the smart cookie does go to Business School as planned, we may end up in the 2nd love of my life, NYC! Where jobs are paid way better than here, even with the high price of living. 

ANYWAYS, you may be wondering why I'm moaning and complaining? Or is that all this is? :) Well, I realized today, that I'm not the only person who ever feels this way about their situation in life. I read someone else's blog today where they said they can't wait til so-and-so is done w/ such-and-such so that they can have a "'normal' life". I think we all are wishing so badly for that greener grass, for that next segment of our lives, that we fail to relax and enjoy today. Before we know it, all those times in our life are going to be distant memories, and we'll be complaining about the current imperfections with our situations. I don't think life or our places there in  will ever be perfect, and if it was, how boring would that be? 

So I'm deciding, right now, to appreciate the point I'm in right now: I'm going to my LAST semester of school, not working (for once!!), I have 4-day weekends (and 5 days off!), and I am financially suited, with a generous allowance for things I want each month. I know I will not enjoy this forever - in fact, I'm sure there's someone thinking, "just wait til you have kids" (2018 will be a memorable year for me), or "you will be working for the rest of your life, so enjoy it now" - well, since I know this isn't going to last forever, I AM going to enjoy it now. 

But I think everyone should enjoy their life now, and whatever path they've chosen for themselves, it won't be any good if each day isn't appreciated for what we have. 

Ok well, off my soap box and onto homework! :)


Rin said...

Good post! :) It makes for such a better day when you live in the here and now and think positively. But it can be such hard work to get to that attitude sometimes.

Janae said...

I totally agree. I was just talking to someone about this today.

We're always thinking, "when I'm 16, I can drive," "when I'm 18, I can do this and this and that," "when I'm 21, I can do this," "when I graduate college..." "when I am married..."

It's always a focus on the next phase. Life is happening NOW. I'll never be in college doing my undergraduate work for English teaching again! This is my life right now, and I don't want to be 28 and look back and say "I miss being 21, things were so much better and easier then..." I'd rather try to appreciate it now. :)

I do miss being 9 because I didn't know how to appreciate being 9 when I was 9. :) Might as well love 21 while I'm 21, 33 when I'm 33, and so on.