Thursday, October 16, 2008

Heat of the Moment

I just overheard a conversation between some STUDENTS AT BYU about Prop 8, and here's what one suggested: "We should make a state for all the gay people to go to and they can just be isolated there...blah blah blah...and then we should nuke it". 

Students at an institution of higher education for one, but people that believe in being Christ-like? Just another example of how people all too often lose sight of what their religion is even about. Instead of loving everyone (despite their imperfections), it's all about maintaining some rigid, insensible law of sterility.

I guess we forgot that the law once had an extermination order for Mormons and that didn't make any of our ancestors feel to good, to the point where we still cry about the mistreatment today. The fact that the students with this one laughed and agreed that this should occur is not even surprising at this school. 

AFTER-I-COOLED-DOWN-EDIT: I should just clarify that this is not aimed towards ALL BYU students, as I know that a good percentage of them would never make such a hurtful, pathetic statement. However, I do feel that this feeling is all-too prevalent at "The Lord's Institution", and that of all places, it should not be tolerated here. Conservativism (sp?) does not mean you have to be bigoted, right?

All said, I am still annoyed that that conversation even took place. Even if it was meant in jest, would you ever make a joke like that if you liked a group of people? If you said that about Asians, would you just turn around and say "it was a joke, I really like Asians"...No, why would you ever say that in the first place? 

BYU students need to be aware of who is listening, and how their ignorant statements can really hurt people. What if someone who had a family member that was gay, was listening? Or a gay person him/herself? We are at BYU but that doesn't mean people don't deal with this issue on  a daily basis.  


Rin said...

Yuck! I found that going to BYU was not good for someone like me. I was disappointed a lot. Granted, I had some great times and met some amazing people and wouldn't trade it for the world.

Abby, you're a great writer! You're very eloquent. I wish I could articulate my thoughts half as good as you.

Abby Q. said...

Thanks for the comment/compliment, Erin! I don't agree that I am very articulate at all (i ramble a LOT! lol), but I appreciate it nonetheless.

I am glad it's my last semester, because I feel claustrophobic in some ways and just can't really figure out all the students. Some are amazing and really great people and some are just so ignorant.

Rin said...

Yeah, I found that I met the very best people there and the very worst.

Taunalee said...

Hahaha! I have to admit that is pretty low and not Christ-like at ALL! Some people really are stupid about this whole situation- that's why I'm laughing!

The Clarks said...

There's nothing to laugh about. That's the reason I'm in Montana and not BYU, so I don't flog anybody. Just goes to show there are incredibly thoughtless 'bandwagon' types on both sides of every issue.