Monday, March 10, 2008

Something A Little Less Pessimistic

You know I am more than happy to rant and rave about the annoying things at BYU, but I thought today I'd take a break and do something fun, corny and boring. :) Yes, it's a questionnaire...about looovve! But don't worry, I'm stewing up a perfectly awesome rant for tomorrow...or maybe later this evening! 

How long have you been together? 
We met in 05, and dated a few months later, so we've been together on and off for 2 1/2 years.

Where did you meet? 
Well you see, I lived in an all-girls and married housing complex, and one day this hot guy (trent) came over to, oh I dunno, flirt. But I thought since he lived in our complex, he must be married, so I kind of didn't reciprocate the flirting. After a few days however, I kind of put two and two together and discovered that he and his buddies had some how rigged the system to live there because apparently married housing is cheaper and so yea...that's that!

What was your first date?
We went to the movies and saw V for Vendetta. I enjoyed myself but I thought he was too cool for me and that we'd not end up going on a second date.

What first attracted you to him? 
Besides his dashing personality and good looks, I think his independence and confidence attracted me. Guys, that's the secret to getting a girl! I had been so used to dating guys who bummed rides off me or tried to get me to split the bill at dinner that it was so refreshing to see someone who had a nice car, had money, etc, and all from his own hard work. He didn't complain about money either. It was good to meet someone who although young, I could depend on and not feel like I'd be the bread winner for the rest of my life. 

How long did you date? 
Again, we dated about 2 years give or take.

Who kissed who first? 
We were on our second date and I suggested we drive up to Sundance because I had remembered being there once and the stars were amazing, you could see the whole solar system. We went up there again, and this time sparks flew instead of stars! :) 

Who said "I love you" first?
I'm guessing he did, because although I always felt like I wanted to burst out and with "I love you!" I didn't want to scare him..guys get scared so easily by that! 

Who proposed?
He did. It was my birthday, we were in Alaska, and we took a helicopter ride up to the glaciers. I figured the ride was just for my birthday. I knew we were to be officially engaged soon, but figured he didn't have my ring yet, since it was a custom order all the way down in Utah. However, as soon as we landed on the glacier, he popped the question. Of course he already knew the answer. 

Where and when were you married?
I think September 22. 2007, in Payson Utah, overlooking the valley. Beautiful. I say I think because it was either Sept 21 or 22 and actually it was the 22nd but I keep thinking it was the 21st! After our first month anniversary I was so sad because Trent said "happy one month anniversary yesterday" what I thought to be two days late, but it turned out that it really had been the day before!

Who is smarter?
Smarter as in grammar or in biology? Probably him in both anyways.

Who does the laundry?
No one. Just kidding! He is very domesticated, he usually takes care of it although I do my unfair share. :)

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
I believe that would be me. 

Who does the bills?
What bills? We're livin the life! 

Who mows the lawn? 
Nothin much to mow at the present time. Our in house gardener does that though. 

Who cooks dinner?
Well you see, we kind of live with his mother, so she takes care of that 90% of the time, otherwise we go out. I'm incredibly not domestic. 

Who is more stubborn?
I wouldn't say either of us are ridiculously stubborn. If we get in a debate, I would say it's him. He is good at debating. 

What is your favorite date?
Anything that doesn't entail schoolwork! We love to rock climb. That's our most common date as of recent.

What do you like best about him now?
Everything, especially his perfectly sculpted back side- it's a model's ass, baby! haha. but other than that, he is the sweetest, cutest guy in the world, i think i picked well. even my grandma wants to date him!

ok I told you that was going to be corny! 


CC said...

yea you guys were married on the

Janae said...

This was fun to read. Thanks for always commenting on my blogs.

Your unsure "I think" in front of your wedding date thing is a little worrisome ;)

V for Vendetta is a great movie, btw.

Russell said...

He has a nice what???