Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Thank Me Later


You'll understand when you actually go to the website, but essentially what goes on is they have a deal-til-it's-gone. So a $60 sweatshirt may be $20, but only til it's sold out. Shirts are like $8-10, and again, when they sell out, they're gone and a new item will come up on the screen. If you live in utah, you can opt to pick up your order at their SLC hq and they'll scrap the shipping charge. Anyways,  I have found some pretty cute things on here!!

Whiskey is more skater, snowboard, surfing. Very contemporary. I've seen DC, Split, Electric, Spy, Special Blend, Four Square, Burton, Forum, etc. 

Steep and Cheap is rock climbing, hiking, skiing, etc. It is more "granola" if that's the p.c. word for it. They have Oakley, Prana, Mountain Hardwear, Arcteryx, etc. Great deals for all!

The mother company is backcountry.com who own dogfunk.com, and they always have sales, so if you don't like the deal of the day check there. 


Janae said...

Woot.com is fun too.

My friend buys stuff off Steep and Cheap and sells them on eBay. She's got a nice little business going for herself.

Abby Q. said...

thanks for that woot.com link! it does look cool! i love all these sites! :)