Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Surprise Surprise

This study cites Utah as the 44th safest state for children. Say what??? Yes, 86% of states are safer than Utah. It's sad when your state competes with Alaska for the most sex offenders/pedophiles. I'm sure you can come with your own reasons for this. On a brighter note, since Alaska has 1 sex offender for every 143 people that means Skagway only has like 5 sex offenders!

Here are the top safest states:
1. Connecticut
2. Rhode Island
3. New Jersey
4. New York
5. California
6. Maine
7. Pennsylvania
8. Massachusetts
9. Maryland
10. Oregon

Interesting that there are so many "blue" states in that list. Oh wait, they're all Blue States*!

*a blue state is primarily democrat.


Beatrix Kiddo said...

Hmmmm...very very interesting!!! Go East Coast :) I think too that maybe it's because east coasters are real and say things how they are and don't bottle up everything like they do in UT.

Julie said...

Come on Abby, weren't you in Psych 111 with me? Correlation doesn't prove causation! haha