Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I hope this is not stupid but...

...I've been trying to lay off junk food lately, and have come across some great low calorie snacks that make me very happy. So I thought, why not share my list with everyone? Also keep in mind that the very idea of gross food just for the sake of losing a few pounds has never been okay with me, which is why all of these have been tried and tested by yours truly and they are all good tasting! 

1) Jell-o Sugar Free (10 Calories/Serving) - These are delicious! Being sugar-free, they don't taste funky like a lot of sugarless foods do. I recommend the peach and watermelon flavors, although they are all good.

2) Fuze Slenderize (5-10 Calories/Serving) - These are all-natural juices that come in delicious flavors such as Tropical Fruit, Strawberry Melon and Blueberry Raspberry. It's nice to have a juice drink craving and not feel bad about it!

3) Frigo String Cheese (60 Calories/Piece) - A nice option for dairy without over doing it. You need dairy! 

4) Diet Sunkist (0 Calories/Can) - Okay I know this isn't very original, but can I say I love this! I am a huge Sunkist fan, and the diet doesn't taste diet, which is amazing! (PS- Diet Barq's and Diet Dr. Pepper are pretty good too!)

5) 100 Calorie Packs (100 Calories/Bag) - They have come up with pretty much any thing you can think of: Popcorn, Keebler cookies, Chocolate Chip cookies, Cheezits, etc. As long as you don't eat a million of these in one sitting, this is a nice snack because you still get to eat your cookies/chocolate without overdoing it. Honestly, you will be feeling like there aren't enough in the bag, but at least it's not over eating, which I hate doing.

6) Kool-Aid Jammers (10 Calories/Pouch) - Again, one of those sugary fixes without all the sugar and calories! These pouches are handy to carry around and taste really good. Another Kool-aid option are the Singles which contain 30 Calories/Serving. A few more, but still do-able.

7) Laughing Cow Light Cheese Bits (35 Calories/5 Cubes) - Sure, the cubes are pretty small, but you'll be surprised how 5 adds up pretty quickly. I can't believe these are even light. I used to feel so guilty eating the whole box, then I looked at the calorie count and it was all okay. :) I tried the regular ones and they were too heavy. This is just right!

8) Carrots (35 Calories/Serving) - Surprise! A healthy veggie made it on the list! These things are addicting! They end up like candy and I feel sad when they're all gone. Since they're not going to make you fat, you can pretty much forget about the calorie count and gorge on carrots.

9) Celery (Basically No Calories) - Had to mention the almighty celery. It is in essence a negative calorie food because your digestive track has to work at those celery threads for a while, so it actually burns calories. Not many, but at least you can feel guilt-free (but don't subsist solely on this!).

10) Ice Water w/Lemon (No Calories) - Again another negative calorie idea. Since your body needs to warm up the water to body temp, you'll burn calories doing so. The lemon adds a nice taste and also is thought to be an appetite suppressant but so far it hasn't been doing much of that for me. :)

11) Weight Watchers Chocolate Mousse (180 Calories) - Yea, watch out on the calories here, but it is a little lower than most desserts and you get your chocolate! It is especially useful if you're on weight watchers, because it equals 3 points and that's pretty affordable! Again, not something you would want every night, but still yummy! 

Obviously, this list serves primarily as snack foods, not your actual meals. If you're looking for some low cal meals, I usually just go the boring route and eat Healthy Choice meals (who, by the way, have an excellent selection these days!), or I consider seafood such as shrimp and salmon as delicious but no stress meals.

Ok so now, if anyone else has any fun snacks, please let me know about them! I am always looking for easy, healthy solutions! 

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Janae said...

100 calorie packs are the light of my life. Good call.