Friday, February 8, 2008

Ooh this is a colorful little page!

I though that I too might jump on the bandwagon of blogging since the everyone in my family shamelessly does so! I really don't know what hot topic is eating away at me right now that I can start off with. Britney Spears? Yes, so ADDICTING! But alas, we can just read Perez Hilton for news on that, so I won't bother. The oven Mitt quit his race? And yet the day before he said he was sticking in it until the bitter end. So now we'll see who Utahns vote for, since it's either McCain or Obama or Clinton. Since McCain is a pube, he might win Utah regardless of the fact that he's old and creepy. But wait, why am I even caring who wins in Utah? Do the delegates even care about Utah themselves? (Answer: NO). Did Mitt even care about Utah, the state in which 90% of pubes voted for him? (Answer: NO). So anyways that's about all that is going on in THIS world, and it's pretty much really entertaining. 

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CC said...

so when are you going to post more? :)