Thursday, July 30, 2009

Can we say awkward?

So. Just got back from the gym. I am still (figuratively) dripping sweat as we speak because I had to run out of there so quickly. So I'm at the end of my routine, just sitting down on the mats to do some crunches, when some guy (skinny, curly hair, glasses= you know) comes in (the gym had, up to this point, been empty). I've got my earplugs in, jamming to some Rihanna, and wiping the drops of perspiration off my face, when he goes "excuse me ma'am" so I take off my headphones, and he says, "Can I take you out to dinner sometime?" WTF!?!?! So I was like "I'm married, thanks". LOL. Then he replied very awkwardly, "You're married? Ok cool", smiles and walks away. I basically did like 3 crunches to pretend like I wasn't freaked out when I actually was quite terrified. Then I fled. 

SO weird, am I right? Like first off, I had never seen him before, let alone actually spoken any words, as one would usually do prior to asking one out. Like, you'd probably want to gage one's interest/availability before just getting straight to the point! Secondly, it probably isn't the best timing in the world when my face looks like vinyl, it's so sweaty!! Maybe that's what it was, the glowy, ultra-dewy skin?? hahaha. I really felt like calling in Hitch for this fellow, because he definitely needs some game advice.

End of awkwardness.


The Boob Nazi said...

He called you ma'am. I would probably say "hell no" to anyone who asked me out and called me ma'am.

Abby Q. said...

I know right! The ma'am was lol-tastic.

JC said...

you're hot. I LOVE that he called you ma'am. At least he's polite. :)