Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weird Dreams

As a young child, I repeatedly dreamt that I was driving a car, but A) I didn't know how, and B) I didn't have a license because I was too young. I'd always start freaking out, and inevitably the cops would catch on and start following me. I hated these dreams. Yet when I turned 17 and got my license, they stopped forever.

Then, when I graduated from high school, I started having dreams that I was back in school for whatever reason. I've had dreams where I was in 3rd grade, and others when I'm in my Junior year. Now that I'm just now done with college, I am having dreams of being back there. And I've decided that it's really weird to be done with school. I presume that I am done with school completely, as I currently have no interest in graduate school (although this could change eventually). It's a relief and a burden at the same time. I'm glad I will never have to worry about another exam or paper, but now I have to deal with a job for. the. rest. of. my. life.

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