Monday, December 21, 2009


Ok so I kinda try to stay away from politics these days and so I'm deffo not looking for a big ol' debate that goes round and round and round, but doesn't really establish anything, but...

...can I just say, for those who are against universal healthcare, I envy you, b/c you must have affordable healthcare. I am one of those 30million + people that don't have it. It's not that I don't want it, but I don't want to pay $700+ a month on something I use maybe once a year for a checkup. I guess I could go for the $300-400/month insurance, but then my deductible is like $2000, and again, is pretty worthless to me. And frankly, I'm happy to pay for my insurance, but can it just be reasonably priced?

It's crazy how many people I know that are without healthcare, or will just get healthcare on their infant or kids, but can't afford it for themselves. In fact, I barely know of anyone who HAS insurance, lol.

I also like how many people in my religion are so anti-socialist, but what is the United Order? Law of Consecration? Tithing? Any of these things ring a bell? For people who are so wrapped up in socialist organization, it's kinda ironic.

I just hate worrying about this stuff. End rant.


The Boob Nazi said...

I don't debate this either. But I'm just going to say that I'm against it. I do not want the government effing with my medical issues.
But there is NO NEED to debate! You have your opinion and I have mine!

Maria said...

I also do not want to debate, but I agree with previous commenter that I don't want the government to have their fingers in my healthcare. It's not their place. As for comparing it to church.... helping out those in church is wonderful, but not required. I don't think the church will put you in jail if you don't pay exactly as they would like. I cannot say the same for the government. It's ok Abby, you and I can have different opinions... I still love you.

Abby & Trent Quack said...

And were we debating, I would have things to say, but like I said before, I know why I feel this way about healthcare, and you know why you feel your way :)

Bethany said...

I for sure think current healthcare needs major reform. Insurance reform most of all! I just don't think the bills they are trying for right now are the way to do it. Way to many flaws and specialty causes. Not that we don't need something, just that I think what we're doing is only going to muddle it up more. Sigh.

Abby Q. said...

I agree Bethany, the current bill is definitely not my ideal, and frankly, I think it would be far less complicated to just institute a single-payer health care system and be done with it. But I hope what they're doing works out in the end. After all, people freaked out when medicare, medicaid and social security were implemented, so there's definitely an adjustment period, but now I'm grateful for those services should I ever end up on welfare. I truly just want the premiums to be reasonable- for me, I could get health insurance for like $400-500/mo, but my deductible is $2000! So I'd have to spend $2000 plus my monthly payment to see anything from the insurance company- that is not right! And since I maybe go to the doctor once a year, I guess I'll pray nothing bad happens.

It's just really easy for those who already have healthcare to protest this topic, but the moment they end up without healthcare, what then? I guess gratitude for the welfare program at that point :) Too bad I make too much for welfare, not enough for health insurance. Sigh..