Friday, March 27, 2009


So while driving to school today, the djs on the radio were talking about weird things that have happened in the public restroom (like people eating chips on the jon, and so forth) and I was trying to think about weird things that have happened to me. A long time ago I wrote a post about one of my public restroom pet peeves and that was basically the weirdest thing I could think of. Well, little did I know that in a matter of hours, I would have one of the weirdest/grossest public restroom experiences...

So, class ends, I'm ready to go home, but I decide to stop at the restroom on the way out of the JKB. I see this girl coming from the other direction who ducks into the bathroom, and 10 seconds later, I push my way into the rest room as well. However, the restroom door felt all wet. I thought this kinda gross and weird, but I didn't see anything on the door, figured it was just water, although I definitely still thought it odd that there was water on the door. Well just as I walked in, I heard from the stall where the girl went, a sound that was akin to someone pouring a bucket of water into the toilet. Sounded strange but I carried on w/ my business.

Anyways, after my tinkle, I come out of the stall, and the people walking into the bathroom are all like grossed out, and looking at their hand, and then going straight to the sink to wash it. I washed my hands and although I usually like to do a good hand washing job, I figured this was a good time to really scrub hard b/c who really knows what I touched?

So then, as I was walking out of the restroom, I looked down, and I saw it. Puke trailing all the way from the bathroom door to the girl's stall. Oh yummy. And then I smelled it and it got stuck in my throat- all hot and heavy and gross! So I definitely used tons of antibacterial stuff all day. 

Then later in the day I found out my dogs had soiled their blankets, but only after I grabbed the pee soaked blanket! This is a day of sickyy for sure. 

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