Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some People!

Sometimes, in life, I am compelled to check ksl.com or desnews.com, ya know, just to see how Utah is doing. Every time, I am repelled by either totally ridiculous articles, or totally ridiculous reader comments, and I realize why, as soon as the plane touches the landing strip, I'm always ready to leave.

Case in point: This article about the LDS Church's support for Utah anti-discrimination laws. As a side note, why is this even newsworthy? I would hope that the church does not support discrimination, but who am I?

Now, allow me to quote some reader comments for you.

From Hardtail, who, I gather, finds himself to be a model LDS:

We don't want a repeat of the kiss-in because two
skirt-wearing (at least in their minds)fairies were feeling
each other up in public.

We don't mind giving the Sexually Confused a few general
rights, but they ain't gonna get the right to marry like
normal people do.

Ok, pretty offensive, but not surprising. Though I'm sure the leaders of the church are grateful that you're reinforcing stereotypes about Mormons. *sarcasm*

And again from Hardtail (after someone criticized his views):
Since it is you who blatantly disagrees with your
Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, I would venture to
proclaim that it is you who is entirely confused.

It happens to be a fact that your Lord and Master
is Jesus Christ.

It's a hard fact.

Not knowing this, is confusion.

I see you have an extremely large dose of this
malfunction and therefore, your faith is based on
ignorance and not the facts.

So righteous is he that this individual chooses to spend his time in contention with people on a ksl message board. Definitely sounds like his WWJD? bracelet is working well.

From Wompus, an apparent elitist:
I have a great friend who isn't LDS and she trying hard to be a good person, not to go partying all the time at clubs, drinking, hanging around the wrong crowds, etc...

She moved to sacarmento about a year ago and she called me basically just so upset, all the men she meets just want sex, they don't want to have a good relationship. It's basically what can you do for me and can I get in your pants! I feel so bad for her. If she only had what we in Utah have, a people, who as you mentioned are far from perfect, but at least are taught the difference between right from wrong and are asked to make a commitment to choose the right and forsake the crap!

Our society doesn't raise good kids anymore! Our society doesn't hold firm on good values, honesty, hard work, morality, fidelity. They say, you're going to screw up anyways, lets through some condoms at you, teach you the how to put one on a banana, and if you screw up, we'll allow you to murder the baby inside you because hey, we don't want a life to ruin your dreams! You should be allowed to escape the consequences because hey, you're not good enough to make the right choices, we know you're going to screw up so let's prepare you for failure now, because that's really what you are!

I don't think I can even express how it disgusts me that this sort of 'better than thou' attitude actually exists. It's the same reason I hate being in Utah- constant judging, people thinking the outside world is so evil and without morals. Mormons are not the only ones with a conscience!

I guess if people want to wallow in their misconstrued facts all day, I just must ignore them. It's like a sociopath- you stay away, unless all you want is to be constantly disappointed.

BUT, that said, I know a lot of great people in Utah, some that I'd love to keep in my life, so the reality is, that just like there are some kooks in Utah, there are a lot of wonderful people there. It's a shame that they are overshadowed by the crazies on these websites, whose inaccurate comments are visible to people all over the world.


The Boob Nazi said...

Sacramento is basically the great and spacious building. Believe me, I've lived here... haha

And I can't read those things either. You know I get worked up about people ALL the time, especially when they're representing the church or something. DHF KIDSH FKL DSFLKD

Abby Q. said...

lol yea, I know how you feel on them! :) And while Sacramento may be the whore of the earth, every city has those kinds of people- SLC is probably one of the worst places I've seen, it's totally outta control there. B/c non-mormons hate the mormons so they try to be as far-non-mormon as humanly possible. But regardless, all cities have great people, and all have disgusting people, but utah is DEFINITELY not the holiest place they make it out to be.

Bethany said...

Ugh. Amen sister! I'm always so excited to get back to Utah. I always downplay the stupidity in my mind and defend it to anyone who trys to attack it. Then I get back here and remember why people say the things about Utah that they do. People always think Utah is so much holier then anywhere else. But just just like you say. People try to rebel against the status quo so much here that they go 5 times further here than anywhere else! And to all the homophobes, do you realize that SLC has more gays per capita than any other US city? These are people you know! Stop hating on them! Grrr. Well you said it more eloquently than I did, but I totally agree with you. Utah could be cool! Just shut up so the rest of the world can see it!

Hardtaill said...

Why would anyone hate someone who
knows right from wrong. If you're
sexually confused, there are people
and organizations who can help, but
you have to want to be helped. It's
not gonna come free.


Hardtaill said...
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