Monday, January 4, 2010

Bra-Burning Party!! (Possibly TMI)

But not that kind of bra-burning party!! I might be a feminist deep down, but I see nothing wrong with a nice over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder. Which is why I am holding a bra-burning party, because in case you'd like to know, I just got back from a fabulous bra shopping trip after realizing how frightening a couple of my bras have become. So they must be destroyed.

Now this whole bra thing reminds me of a Dear Prudence article in which someone inquired how long one can go before washing a bra. It was from a gentleman whose wife hardly washed her bra and he found it disgusting. Well, Prudie went around and surveyed some ladies only to discover that most women didn't remember the last time they washed their bra. Some people wrote in, outraged that people don't wash them after every use, while others applauded the dirty truth of women and bras.

I for one, am in pooled in the group that doesn't recall the last bra-washing. I am sure it sounds gross to an outsider that doesn't wear a bra, but I too have surveyed some close friends (I actually did it this summer, before I ever read this article) and was glad to learn that I was totally normal- these girls, too, went up to a month before washing. And to make it even better, I've just now surveyed some other close women and found the same results!

To top it off, I asked my husband what he thinks and he said: "well, if you were lactating, then I would care, but since you're not, then who cares" and "How often do I wash my jeans?" Case closed! If it's not (forgive me for this next part!) a moist area, it really isn't a big deal. And I don't stink, don't have b.o., but if there were any chance of b.o. due to my bra, it would definitely be washed every day. lol.

Plus, since bras are so delicate, they are difficult to wash (hand-washing), and will be messed up very quickly from constant wash, so it's simply not worth it to wash them so often!

Anyways I just thought this was an interesting topic. I'm sure there are women who are OCD about bra-washing, but at least according to the women I know, I am more normal than I'd like to believe :)


The Boob Nazi said...

Washing your bra takes foreeeeeeeeeveeeeeeeeerr. And I don't have a place to wash my bra because it doesn't fit into my bathroom sink. ha!

Abby & Trent Quack said...

lolllll yea, well do you have a tub? I mean you have huge boobs, but surely not bigger than a bathtub! :)

Bethany said...

Hmm, I never knew that but it makes me feel MUCH better about myself! Lols...

Jennifer said...

So did you actually burn the old bras?