Sunday, January 31, 2010

Celebrity Encounters

Ok this post is just for fun. I haven't had a ton of celeb encounters, but I thought I would catalog some fun ones...

The Lohans: Yes, I have encountered not one, not two but THREE Lohans, all while living in Provo! haha. This all happened a few years ago when Lindsay Lohan was in rehab. One day, I saw Lindsay and her mom shopping for sunglasses at Nordstrom (of course, where else would I be?).

But it gets better...

...a short while later, I was working at the Provo Marriott. I checked in a business man and woman from L.A. In small-talking, I learned they were Michael Lohan's publicist and lawyer. The man clued me in that Michael would possibly be in later. Sure enough, he sauntered in shortly thereafter, and asked me if he could take me out on a date. Ok just kidding, he didn't do that, but I wouldn't put it past the scum bag. hahaha. No but he asked if he could call up to the lawyer's room, and in talking, he said something about how Lindsay was at dinner but would be heading to the hotel later. My co-worker and I were freaking out because we couldn't wait to see Lindsay Lohan (and point and laugh- just kidding!), but she never came in while we were there, so who knows...most likely her dad was on crack and was only displaying some wishful thinking. Anyways, that was the Lohan experience.

The Osmonds: Once again, there are multiple. haha. No, but can I say, Donny Osmond is one of the nicest people ever. He stayed at the Marriott Marquis in NY for a few months while in Beauty & the Beast. On the day he was checking in, I was so excited because obviously, I knew who he was, but I was also hoping I didn't have to check him in because I get celeb-fright; ie, I get all nervous! But my co-worker who checked him in told him, "my co-worker reallllyyyy wants to meet you" and grabbed me by the hand and pulled me over to introduce me. hahaha. I was super nervous but I told him how I went to BYU and that I'm also related to his old publicist. He was so nice, and awesome, and later he gave me and another co-worker awesome tickets to see him in Beauty & the Beast. Oh and one of his sons (very nice also!) was there too and so it was great to meet him.

Then, I met Marie at the Provo Marriott. She was doing a photo shoot there or something. She was a lot quieter, but I didn't really say anything, just checked her in so as not to be annoying-- but she was a tiny little thing! I was really surprised. Then again, this was around the time she was in Dancing with the Stars.

Rihanna: This is going way back in the day when she was a teeny young 16 or 17-year old, just beginning her career. At the NY Marriott Marquis, the employees were gifted a free concert by Rihanna. Yes, that is how awesome the NYMM is to their employees! They rented out a nearby concert arena, and got her for a private concert. :) But in addition, she stayed at our hotel, and while I was walking up in the hotel, she walked by and even then I was star struck by her beauty. I'm a dork. But she is one of my favorite musicians even today, so it was cool!

So, those are just a couple, here are some others that I have encountered (not necessarily met, though some I have). Sorry I can't remember them all, as a lot of them I will remember just by watching tv and saying "ooh I saw that person at xyz": Taylor Hicks, Lily Tomlin, Bill Campbell (OC, lol), Nelly Furtado, Nick Lachey, Tom Green (yes, washed out Tom Green, hahaha), Patty Duke, and I have met some of the apostles of the LDS church too.

And, then, I met this professor from UVA whose name unfortunately escapes me but I'd recall it if I saw it..well anyways, he is a LDS professor and one time even talked at BYU about Joseph Smith. Whoopdee doo right? But I've read a good deal of his critiques on different religious he checked in one day at the Provo Marriott and I was like, "You spoke a year and a half ago at devotional about Joseph Smith...I really enjoyed it" lol. He was surprised that I even remembered but nice as well. It was just totally random because I couldn't tell you anything even the prophet has said, let alone some random guy.

But yea, now I want to know: what celeb encounters have you had?


The Boob Nazi said...

Susan Sarandon at California Adventureland. That's all I've got.

Tiffany said...

Martin Short cut in front of our line for Splash Mountain at Disneyland. I was so mad.

Gene Wilder, AKA Willy Wonka, he autographed my journal. He is my Mom's cousin's husband. I met him at a family reunion.

Tom Osmond was my mailman in Ephraim. :) Meryl Osmond also lived in Ephraim and I met him in his daughters wedding line. His daughter married one of Bryan's friends from H.S.

That's it for me. :)