Saturday, January 30, 2010

Yes I'm lame, but...

...I'm going to pass on an important message. Today, I saw a commercial with Oprah advocating the "No Phone Zone" in the car. I also coincidentally recently saw an episode of her show where she went into great detail about this. This is coincidental because I have seen maybe 5 Oprah episodes in my entire life, so yea. :)

Anyways, but about the "No Phone Zone", I. Totally. Agree. I can tell a marked difference in people when they are using the cell phone while driving. Like, if I'm in the car with someone, and they pick up the phone, I see the focus on the road vanish, and sometimes it's been pretty scary.

Actually kinda funny, but scary at the same time: One day we saw a semi-truck driving kinda erratically, and when we managed to pass him, he had a cell phone in one hand, a cigarette in the other. Umm hello, how was he driving?!?! lol. And, as commercial vehicle drivers, we have seen a crazy amount of truckers talking on their cell while driving. At least get a hands free, even though they aren't much better.

But this doesn't excuse ALL drivers, as I'm guessing less truckers have had fatal accidents than car drivers. 

So anyways, make a self-pledge to get off your phone while driving- because if nothing else, you don't want to be the one responsible for killing someone. Ok sorry that's morbid- but true! :(


The Boob Nazi said...

What if I have it on speakerphone?!?

Abby Q. said...

lol, well you have to make the call on that one (no pun intended) for yourself. I know what I would do though! :)