Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wacky Technology

Hi. So we just got back from a truly delicious dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Mi Cocina. The guacamole was truly mouth-watering. And my ensalada was good, though I think I had the same one for lunch at McDonald's today. Nonetheless, the experience was great.

Anyways, I love to gossip. Let's not lie here, ok? I love to gawk at the 7'0'' woman who walked past our table. And I love to eavesdrop into random people's convos. The victims, in this specific case, were the desperate housewife- dallas rejects. They were trying, I'll give them that. But I just don't think they were quite as good as the real desperate housewives.

Regardless of who they were, it was their conversation that got me thinking. They, too, were gossiping. Their target was some mutual acquaintance who wrote such and such on facebook. Unfortunately my usual keen senses were slightly out-of-touch tonight, so I didn't catch the whole thing.

But, it got me thinking. About facebook, and the internets. And technology. And how freakishly advanced we've gotten in just a few years. I can easily hearken back to the "AIM" days, where one's SN was just as good as one's calling card. The cool thing was instant messenger. I still get a little reminiscent when I use facebook's chat feature.

Then, there were websites that one could make, free of charge, on many different host sites such as angelfire and geocities. I was slightly disappointed last year, when I learned that Geocities was closing down forever. I wish I'd known a day or two earlier so I could've saved my obscure, out of date sites that I built when I was in my teens. Clearly, the demand to create (from SCRATCH!) an HTML site is no longer.

We are living in the dawn of the facebook page which, in one "page" instead of multiple, can tell ones story. Or the blog, which is simpler, perhaps even more personal than an entire website.

It's all gotten a lot more condensed. Twitter is a device that basically forces you to spit out what you want to say, without going on and on and on, such as I am doing now. Plus, it's instantaneous and accessible, which means I can tell you I'm going pee the moment it happens, not a few minutes or hours later.

It's just all so crazy! I mean, I wouldn't go back to AIM days, not if I had the chance. I hated the long goodbyes. You'd say "g2g" (meaning I gotta go, lol). Then they'd say, "ok have a good one" or "c-ya". Then you'd say "c-ya". Then it just got long and drawn out. It was just annoying. But it is crazy.

And to think, when I was a little kid, I prided myself in living in the most advanced era. We didn't even have the tiniest idea of what the internet was. Now it feels like we were living in the dark ages, with fax machines being a "new" technology.

Now I know how my parents felt growing up.

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The Boob Nazi said...

I also love to listen to people's conversations. It's one of the reasons I love so much during the day.